Web series Wednesday’s: Issa Rae Presents “Fundamental”

  Christopher McMullen better known as Seth Brundle was born and raised in Carson,California.Seth  knew he had a passion for style  since a child but choose to go to Morehouse college in Atlanta to study marketing and pr. Upon Graduation seth returned to Los Angeles to work as an PR executive but soon realized he must return to his passion of fashion and quit his job to be a professional stylist! Seth has worked with celebrities such as Faith,Teyana Taylor,Rudy Gay, Kevin McCall and more but fashion isn’t the end for seth’s passions in life! Seth also has an ongoing love affair with cooking and fitness. Seth was on Issa Rae’s channel in the  Butter and Brown series but now has his own solo series called Fundamental ! Below is Seth’s first episode and its pretty intriguing!

‘FUNDAMENTAL’ is a lifestyle series centered around Seth Brundle’s career in Fashion, his love of cooking and personal journey with Fitness!


Webseries Wednesdays: Coming Home Series ..A Tale of a woman who’s dating an Incarcerated man


If you are child who had incarcerated males in your family then you may have had experiences of the  long rides to state prisons far from the city, talks through a glass, or hugs over a steel table and the excitement  women in your family had when she got to see her love (boyfriend,husband,finance,child father) chained and shackled like a slave. The things you might not have seen was that woman’s side of  the story once she decided to leave or go experience new things in life. Considering there over a million african american men incarcerated this story line is well overdue .For the people who don’t understand or lack the empathy  now have a chance to get a glimpse until the life of the women who stand by these incarcerated men.The Coming Home web series  created by Brittany Coleman  journeys with Mahogany played by Brittney Coleman and how she tries to remain faithful and all the many other struggles she is faced with while her Boyfriend serves time in prison .Coming Home is also a mirror for women to evaluate their own lives of why and how they are coping with this experience of dating a man in prison.Brittney and writer Duane Sequira are working on season 2. The Full first season 6 episodes  are available now!

Episode 1


The Creator of Coming Home ,Brittney Coleman, started acting with her sister in a library as a past time. She studied Theater from middles school through college and graduated  honors from Lehman College a Bachelors of Arts in Theater.

Watch All Episodes Here





Web series Wednesdays: London based series “Housemates”


Web series Wednesdays maybe my most favorite segment I have on shesvintage.com  because this segment allows me to research,discover and learn from web content all over the world that I might not have ever acquired the chance in the physical daily meetings with people.This week I discovered a very comedic, milennial-ish, british  all black women british cast called Housemates. Housemates  meaning roommates is a  cross between the american hit 90’s and 2000’s shows Girlfriends and Living Single. As we dive into the world of Mya, Chenayi, Jade, Michelle and Zara issues can arise in a house full of women high strung off estrogen and uncertainties that quarter life crisis brings. The series is produced written and directed  by Monique Needham. The first episode premiered  March 18th 2015  on BWNG TV via their YouTube channel and the second episode premiers tonight.Watch episode 1 below


CAtab6pVAAAaWs4.png-largeBWNG TV started as a blog where four friends deconstruct, discuss and deliberate thoughts and topics formally kept in the confines of a London Living Room. From the blog and creative ideas comes the web series in which four guys come to terms with quarter-life crisis in the form of dating, relationships, work and self-improvement. The channel has now expanded to BWNG TV, a platform for independent creatives to to produce creative and unique narratives. 

Twitter @itsmissneeks


 Twitter: @thebwng

Docu Series :Diary of a Reel Girl


Dominga Martin is  writer ,director ,producer as well as a Journalist by trade, from Boston who has resided in Brooklyn for Many Years. Dominga has worked on projects such as  Documentaries, 2 short films (BUM & Yellow) and music videos (Musiq Soul Child).She also recently worked on a commercial with Centric TV that should be airing this month.She founded her own boutique style film company “House of Ming”. She is heavily inspired by music and fashion hence the “House of”.Dominga is currently in development of her first feature film ” My First Loves”. Dominga’s  passion for writing and film is inspirational and vital to increase minority women film writers and directors.


In her latest  docu-series ,Diary of a REEL Girl ,which follows  Dominga on and off set as she works on global projects. Dominga was given an amazing opportunity to travel to Italy where she spent the summer making movies.  Below are episodes 1-3.

Volume 2 will follow Dominga behind the scenes as she makes her first feature film “My First Loves,” a romantic comedy.  Follow Her and Support her first feature film!

House Of Ming




Webseries Wednesday: “The BFF Chronicles” Episode 1



Remember Beautiful Comedians Erika Alexander and Kim Coles from the  90s hit All African-American show Living Single ? Of course you remember this dynamic funny duo and they are back with  a brand new project! The two will star in an upcoming web series, The BFF Chronicles.Erika and Kim’s series will be all about them and their crazy stories of being BFFs since they were on their show back in the 90s! This web series concept is fresh and cool especially to garner middle age women to watch more web-based shows and make them more savvy! Here is the Premiere episode below Let me know what you think?



Instagram@kimcoles , @thebffchronicles

Cecile Emeke premieres docu series “Flaner”


This is a strolling episode, part of the short documentary film series where I go on a stroll with people and talk about various issues affecting people. In this episode Cecil took a stroll with Gaëlle and Christelle (@ygstr & @crystallmess) near Paris. Gaelle and Christelle are two black french young women living in france who are intelligent,diligent and who have powerful voices/opinions. These two women take us on a journey of what it is like to be a black french woman in a society where there are basically invisible in the mainstream as well as amongst their own.


Vintage Chick Cecile Emeke is a visual artist from the UK who is serving up some unknown original content about  The black experience in UK and France. Cecile has already created a short film (AKee & Saltfish) (Strolling & Flaner) film series and has more projects under her belt to be announced this year.

Website: http://cecileemeke.com
FB: http://facebook.com/cecileemeke
Instagram: @cecileemeke
Twitter: @cecileemeke

Trailer Tuesday: Black Actress season 2


Actress /writer /singer Andrea Lewis is back with the second season to her hit web show Black Actress ! Black actress is a web dramedy about the life led and struggles endured by black actress in Hollywood and nyc while also having real life interviews from some of the the most legendary and steady working black actress in the business. Season one was absolutely entertaining , informative and hilarious! If you haven’t seen season 1 you can check it out on Andrealewis.com or Her YouTube channel Andrea Lewis. Season 2 will premiere February 5th on YouTube and oh the music is always exceptionally good on this web series! Check out the trailer below to entice your anticipation of the new season.


The Bizz Plan series Season 2 Intro + Episode 1 Life Style Expert” Miss Diddy”

The return of the interview profile series by Benoni (@NoniBizz) that highlights entrepreneurs and their thought processes. #TheBizzPlan

This installment of #TheBizzPlan features lifestyle expert, Miss Diddy (@MissDiddy), as she explains turning relationships into revenue. Created by: Benoni (@NoniBizz)

Filmmaker Jordan Crafton presents the “Black & White” Series


About two weeks ago A friend of mine told me to turn to PBS sister network WLIW and watch a show by the name of Long Island Screening Room where they feature indie and up and coming filmmakers from the tri state area . Th Long island screening room was featuring a young black male filmmaker by the name of Jordan Crafton and his film “Showtime”. I had never heard of Crafton, is a 26 year old filmmaker based out of Northern New Jersey but  a native of Long Island, NY and credits much of his creative passion to his upbringing in Baldwin.

“Long Island is like the underdog of NY,” Crafton says as he begins to describe the background of his work ethic. Filmmaking was not always his dream however, he first aspired to be a jazz musician and studied the alto saxophone for 13 years. Later in his life, he soon realized that music alone was not a strong enough agent to tell the stories that he always dreamed of. Partnering with a childhood friend, Tyrell Spencer, they began working on their first film My Block: Strong Island in 2007. “

After watching that night on the show I truly became intrigued and interested in his work, life and his overall view of the world.Crafton  spent spent three years as the videographer and editor for celebrity hairstylist, Terrence Davidson, who has styled the likes of Nicki Minaj, Patti LaBelle, Jennifer Hudson, . Crafton also worked for teen nick.But I was most excited to find that through my ravaging thru his website and youtube I discovered his amazing “Black & White ” Series that he had started about 5 years ago.

“Black & White” is a documentary confessional series that addresses several issues that we all deal with. The name “Black & White” signifies that there is no grey area in these confessional situations and short films. Director and Editor Jordan Crafton takes reality and traditional film making to a new level with PART I “DearGod”. After the passing of JDCF Partner Tyrell Spencer on November 24, 2009 it was important for Crafton to express his feelings the only way he knew how. “Black & White” represents freedom and storytelling with no barriers.
#DearYesterday was premiered two days ago and is the latest and 4th installment of the Black & White Series. Jordan is unfearfully bringing visually  to us what ordinary people , creators and artist internalize everyday. Jordan is a rising filmmaker and one of the transparent people i have come across in a long time support him by viewing his work and following him along his journey.






Web Series Wednesday : Color diversity in Witch Series “MisSpelled”



My obsession of combing the web for  most rare and creative web series has just elevated with  this treasure I have discovered  titled MisSpelled ! With today being only two days away from Halloween this new-found Witchery Mysterious yet comedic new series is seemly and appropriate. I come from the age of Charmed, The Craft  Hocus Pocus and Halloween Town so of course I’m elated to finally see a witch fantasy series with faces of color.

MisSpelled, written by Lindsey McDowell, is a Journey  of a magic colliding with a group of diverse clueless witches in the 21st century! Characters Emma (VyVy Nyguen) ,Quinn (Chelsea Jones), Stella (Christina Perez),Nina (Gabrielle Banus), Gladys (Lindsey McDowell) combine Asian, Bi-Racial, Spanish and African-American races to create one force of witchery to be reckoned with. Between the Comedy and spells viewers will be in a trance from beginning to end.


Lindsey and the crew shoot a few episodes shared them with us via youtube but now they want to keep the series alive so they are doing a crowd ”funding campaign to raise 30k in the next 10 days. The talented women of Misspelled need our help meaning you, me and everyone else to reach the 30k goal!

Click Here to contribute and view campaign






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