Trailer Tuesday’s : DOPE the movie + 2 Magazine Features Starring DOPE’s cast!


Ricky Famuyiwa’s new film, DOPE, is an highly anticipated movies of the summer!Famuyiwa wrote and directed  the hip hop coming of age story and leveraged distinguished  support from Legendary Actor & Director Forest Whitaker and Diverse Artist Pharrell Williams as Producers.  The Film stars Shameik Moore ,Kiersy Clemons ,Chanel Iman, A$ap Rocky, Zoe Kravitz, and Quincy Brown.

(Shameik Moore) is carefully surviving life in a tough neighborhood in Los Angeles while juggling college applications, academic interviews, and the SAT. A chance invitation to an underground party leads him into an adventure that could allow him to go from being a geek, to being dope, to ultimately being himself.


Last a night DOPE had its West Coast Premiere and Will be having its NYC premiere at ABFF Friday June 12th before its nationwide release Next Friday June 19th! In the meantime the DOPE cast has been on a whirlwind press run including snagging two features in prestigious  Magazines such as Glamour and Instyle Magazines for their July issues!



Short Movie Monday’s : Keep Pushing


Growing up as kid in the 90’s hip hop music made you feel ,made you dance and most importantly made you think but that vibe is sadly not prevalent  in hip hop music today. Although there are still small circles of new generation hip hop artist that spit knowledge and make you feel good simultaneously like Kendrick Lamar ,Jcole,and Wale the music with lack of luster still outweighs. This remarkable retrospective  lets us take a stroll down memory lane in hip hop with hopes to inspire hip hop artist today to remember to not  just entertain but to inform and uplift the people of our culture through Keep Pushing .

Set eight years before Revolutions Per Minute ,the feature film that director Timour Gregory  and associate producers are striving to make next, Keep Pushing” sees a teenage Billy            ( Jadon Woodard) torn between pursuing his dream of becoming a rap artist and enlisting in the army during the First Gulf War. Features Harry Lennix and Pharoahe Monch.

Event Recap:CREATIVE SOCIETY OF CT’s Majestic Mixer



Creative Society of Connecticut took a giant leap forward three weeks ago and opened their  exclusive creative arts secret event series up public! In fall 2014, CSCT hosted their 1st event that resulted in a great outcome of new connections and new inspiration. For their first public event  that  took place on Saturday, April 25th, 2015 at the beautiful  305 Knowlton Studios in Bridgeport, CT ,themed as the Majestic Mixer! The mixer consisted of  live art demonstrations by William Corprew (@80Gramz) and Olivia Nyguen (@Fiyabomb) , poetry by Kimolee  Eryn (@kimoleeryn)& Tea Montgomery (@Teamontgomery), Author Talk from Johnnie Bird (@johnniebirdIII), and an enlightening financial talk by Sigmund Morriar. 

Creative Society of Connecticut is a networking organization, of collective artistic practices, that hosts uniquely-themed events.CSCT helps to connect creative & local businesses by fostering new collaborative relationships. It is a meeting place of influencers in the art, music, film, fashion, and media industries.CSCT’s vision is to create a social gathering available for creative minds to engage in conversation, collaborate and network while sharing knowledge and resources of information.

Check out the performances in a video below and pictures from this cultural experience that is growing in the artsy city of Bridgeport,CT


DSC_1609 DSC_1618

80gramz Art Work


CSCT Founders and Artist

(Nicole Carson, Thyda Korn ,80 Gramz, FiyaB0mb, Ninja Nay,Akiya Mcknight)



(FiyaBomb’s Art Work)


(All Photos by @djxink & @lcuevas)

CSCT is planning their next event  installment for August 2015 but will be collaborating with other creatives and organizations to bring you a variety of mini events in June and July so stay tuned!If you would like to be added to CSCT mailing list email them at the email listed below.

Instagram : @CreativeSocietyCT

Interviews I Love:Full Ava Duvernay TFF 2015 Interview curated by Q-Tip

Qtip AVa

(Picture Courtesy of TFF)

Musician and Actor Q-Tip sat down to speak with the most iconic female director and writers that our generations has ever seen, Miss Ava Duvernay, at the prominent SVA theater for the Tribeca Film Fest last Wednesday. Ava and Q-tip met merely minutes before the interview started but it appeared as if the two were connected or friends because the flow of the interview was so seamless. Ava and Q-tip reminisced on when Ava first connected with her passion of film, her love for hip hop and how she plans to be a director directing with her cane into her older years in life!

Here are my favorite quotes from Ava that resonated with me and that I believe will resonate with many people out there..

“Don’t ask for permission”

“It’s not possible for anyone to stop me from making films it’s not in the realm of possibilities”

“Just get started”

Exclusive Bobby Brown interview “Remembering Whitney” + Plus Yaya Dacosta #Imeverywoman Campaign

I know everyone is excited and anticipating the LifeTime network Whitney film tomorrow myself included but even more riveting will be the nterview with Whitney’s Ex -Husband and some may say a person who knew her best , Bobby Brown .Scheduled to air this Tomorrow at 10:00pm ET/PT, immediately following Whitney,Bobby Brown: Remembering Whitney will feature an exclusive, no-holds-barred interview between Houston’s ex-husband Bobby Brown and Shaun Robinson, weekend co-anchor and correspondent for Access Hollywood.  The conversation will cover the couple’s powerfully intense relationship while divulging Brown’s first-hand account of their marriage, from their greatest accomplishments and happiest moments to what really drove their romance together…and apart.  The special will be produced by Peacock Productions.

Whitney is Directed by Angela Bassett and starring Yaya DaCosta but all Houston’s vocal performances in the film are sung by Grammy®-nominated and multiplatinum-selling entertainer Deborah Cox. The music featured in the film includes Houston’s hits “The Greatest Love of All,” “I’m Your Baby Tonight,” “I’m Every Woman” and “I Will Always Love You” as well as Brown’s “Every Little Step.”  Produced by The Sanitsky Company,Whitney is executive produced by Larry Sanitsky (Betty & Coretta). Shem Bitterman (Betty & Coretta) wrote the script.

In other news the star of “Whitney” Yaya Dacosta created  #imeverywoman campaign in lieu of the premiere. Yaya  thought it would be fitting to pay homage to some of the great women of the world, past and present, by literally becoming “every woman” even if just for a moment. She has reenactment Photos of Her as Pam Grier, Lucy, Frida, Naomi Campbell,Eartha Kitt, Nina Simone,Meryl Streep, and Audrey Hepburn.

One of my favorite things about Whitney is how she embraced and encouraged other women, urging us to love one another, appreciate one another, and see each other as reflections of ourselves.

Lucy Yaya Lucy

Yaya’s #imeverywoman Campaign

J.Cole 2014 Forest Hill Drive Album Short film evaluates Fame and Life

J.Cole has been one of my favorite MC’s since the Friday Night Mixtape . Cole has always had a certain mystery , intelligence and a rarity about his persona which is shown through his music and other endeavors.   It was of no surprise a few days ago when Cole came out of hibernating to deliver us a album title, date , no singles but yet a compelling album trailer which is mirrors a short film if you ask me.

Most Album Trailer videos often are filled with vain  Photos, Snippets from the album  and other info that tells you a little bit about the album but this trailer was very unique from the first second. This Seven Minute short film took a walk into Cole’s life and mind. Through this video the struggle of fame and stardom , family, and himself. J.Cole is one of the very few artist that  displays his life online or on tv in  minuscule way  some may even say hes way to private in the last two years.  The 2014 Forest Hill Drive Video conveys what Cole has been going through with him having to say very little vocally.  My favorite line in the video was when He utters ”  A lot of people have been in Hollywood so long they forgot about their small time lives” and then he goes on to speak on keeping his sanity , his family and friends more close because he doesn’t want to be captured by the artificial life of hollywood and fame.


Cole made me hear one of my biggest fears of becoming successful .Chasing a  dream  you live for , achieving it but still manage to lose the most important people in your life is a fear that i can’t allow.  Family and friends are entities in life that I live for and even if they cant always understand my dream I will keep them close or in contact as much as possible because that what keeps you grounded in life. It’s evident that Cole at one point had been grinding so hard that he lost touch with the most important people and maybe even himself  but now with this album he is finding his way back to where it all started from him and that’s home 2014 Forest drive. Check out the video below and support a true rare artist on December 9th . For more info Click Here

Different & The Same ( Wale x Seinfield cover Complex Mag)

In a world that is so bright and vast people continue to have a small outlook and or mentality in life. While the entertainment world,fans and speculators have been calling the new found public friendship between Legend in the making lyricist Wale and Iconic Comedian actor/comedian Jerry Seinfield. The problem I see here isn’t their friendship its people’s lack of comprehension on why they are friends.  Most people aren’t looking past the factors of race, age, or background which are indeed different yet is what pulls more curiosity about each other. If  you  can dig deeper past the top layers you will see these are just two artist who are trying to navigate the same demons,evils and issues of the world and the entertainment in different ways.


At A Ted Talk recently it was said ” When you connect with people around a shared interest  and action ,serendipitous things happen in the future.” So when Wale and Jerry met  after Jerry heard the mixtape mixtape more about nothing  Seinfeld arranged to meet Wale backstage at a 2008 gig in Baltimore. following their kick off meeting the two artist discussed working together on The Album About Nothing, which led to the comedian appearing onThe Gifted’s “Outro About Nothing”.

Fast Forward to this year  Jerry is the muse for  The Album About Nothing due out in Dec. More than just a muse for Wale’s latest album I see Jerry as the calming energy and  perspective from a veteran artist that Wale needs. Jerry also gets some swagg upgrade from Wale in this friendship haha. Check out their December/Jan Complex Cover below at  a trendy cool place The Remedy Diner in NYC.





Web Series Wednesdays: Karlie Hustle shows you how to quit your job

Finding a job in the arguably most tough industry , Entertainment  ,can  be daunting ,  and  may require lots of free work so in their insane mind who would give up a once in a lifetime Job of being Musical director at the biggest hip hop station , H0t 97, in the world?  Let me introduce you to the peculiar , risk taking and intelligent music professional woman Karlie Hustle .Karlie had 13 years of music industry , but recently felt like she hit her ceiling at in her position at Hot 97 and Quit her job. Karlie has created a web series called “How to Quit Your Job” to show all of us the steps of how to successfully quit your job and figure out what to do next without being dead broke or unsatisfied. Although some may view Karlie as unappreciative , crazy and carless I say she is ADMIRABLE for having the courage and taking her right to do what makes her happy no matter the norm!

Karlie Recently launched her entrepreneur career after quitting her job with a bow tie collaboration with GOOD WOOD NYC. Karlie calls the tie The HUSTLE bow tie. Karlie acquired the hustle from being known as one of the hardest workers behind the scenes at hot 97 and ultimately she made all things on the front end happen.



“These past few years have given me the confidence and the enhanced platform to start my own business. I will redirect my time and attention fully to my #HustleBowTie endeavor and the overall K. Hustle brand,” she divulged. “I will also be taking time to explore a host of new possibilities that I’ve been afforded as the result of the 13 years, six cities and six radio stations it’s taken for me to arrive at this juncture. I’m excited to step out on my own two once again and see what I’m truly made of. I’ll never forget the team at Hot 97 for being so warm and embracing this girl from the West so fully. Thank you all!”




If you love the web series and Karlie’s story here  is youtr chance to see her in person and get hear some HUSTLE TALK live ! Get Tickets Here

@thekarliehustle Instagram & twitter

Vintage Photo of The Day : Brandy on Own channel “Where are they Now?”


Brandy Norwood , the great singing and acting talent of two decades will be on the latest episode of ” Where are they now ?” on the Own Network tonight at 9pm. I’m anxious and interested to hear what has been going on with Brandy since her last album “Two Eleven
and other personal milestone stones.

Throwback Thursday: YaYa transforms into the 1980’s Whitney Houston

The skeptics werent convinced Actress Yaya Dacosta Alafia could pull off the Whitney Houston Role as far as looks but I begged to differ. With a release of a photo of Yaya transformed in Whitney Houston from the 1980s ” I wanna dance with somebody” single cover I think it’s safe to say she has nailed the look!


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