Web series Wednesday’s: Issa Rae Presents “Fundamental”

  Christopher McMullen better known as Seth Brundle was born and raised in Carson,California.Seth  knew he had a passion for style  since a child but choose to go to Morehouse college in Atlanta to study marketing and pr. Upon Graduation seth returned to Los Angeles to work as an PR executive but soon realized he must return to his passion of fashion and quit his job to be a professional stylist! Seth has worked with celebrities such as Faith,Teyana Taylor,Rudy Gay, Kevin McCall and more but fashion isn’t the end for seth’s passions in life! Seth also has an ongoing love affair with cooking and fitness. Seth was on Issa Rae’s channel in the  Butter and Brown series but now has his own solo series called Fundamental ! Below is Seth’s first episode and its pretty intriguing!

‘FUNDAMENTAL’ is a lifestyle series centered around Seth Brundle’s career in Fashion, his love of cooking and personal journey with Fitness!


Women Projects In The Works: Julie Dash’s “Travel Notes of Geechee Girl” Doc Feature Film


Legendary Filmmaker Julie Dash has graced us with a genius & creativity story once again with her latest project ” Travel Notes Of A Geechee Girl”! Many are probably thinking what is a Geechee girl? Geechee or Gallah are black people living in the Lowcountry region of Georgia and South Carolina, who have preserved their links to Africa arguably more than any other African-American group.  Julie is a Geechee Girl herself ,as she had shown us, in her ground breaking film “Daughters of The Dust” but this latest film isn’t about Julie at all.


Travel Notes of A Geechee Girl  is a new documentary feature film that chronicles the extraordinary life and multi-faceted career of self-proclaimed Geechee Girl, Vertamae Smart-Grosvenor. Personally I had never heard of Vertamee but as I watched the Crowdfund campaign video (below) realization soon came on why this woman story resonated with me and is vital to be told! The film will trace her journey and madcap adventures from the Lowcountry of South Carolina  to Europe and many other places. Vertamae was a Chef,Writer ,Actress and Activist story is one of a fearless, creative and imaginative woman who has dared to cross multiple boundaries and live her life out loud!

Born April 4, 1937 in Hampton County, South Carolina, Vertamae was strongly influenced by her Gullah Geechee community. She was also determined to follow her imagination and creativity beyond the Lowcountry. At the age of 10, Vertamae Smart moved with her family to Philadelphia. Although her existence was largely sheltered, she established friendships with the future poet Larry Neal, and Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Charles H. Fuller. There, she also met the up-and coming musician, Nina Simone, who encouraged her move to Paris.  Her story is a treasure trove of adventures, encounters and experiences with some of the most influential artists, writers, actors, and musical performers of the Twentieth Century. Vertamae’s basic knowledge of food preparation and Gullah culinary traditions served her well as she would go on to cross the Atlantic multiple times, in a journey that has taken her across five major cultural movements:

Beat Literary Movement
Black Power Movement
Black Arts Movement
New Black Cinema
Food as Cultural Memory


The project must raise 55k in the next month to complete this paramount project. Travel Notes of a Geechee Girl is relevant today because it speaks to the women who want to live their lives vibrantly and for people to understand these women and even learn from them! The Story also revolves around universal themes such as Food, Travel, Writing so its relatable for really everyone.

Drop a Few Coins in A Geechee Girl’s Purse Here

Twitter @JulieDash

Screening of Ethiopian Coffee Trade Doc”Black Gold” At Hackney Picture House London


Every Morning A vast amount of people drink that special warm,black coffee from starbucks,Dunkin Donuts or local cafe to get your morning boost to take on the day. On Average that cup of coffee ranges between 2-3 dollars . Sadly and surprisingly to some most coffee bean farmers get only a measly 3 cents to the 2-3$ per cup !

Black Gold, Directed by Marc and NicK Francis, a 2006 film following the efforts of the general manager of the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union to get a better price globally for the coffee produced by the Ethiopian farmers he represents. This eye-opening film won awards at the British Independent Film Awards and San Francisco Black Film Festival . Black Gold will be shown on Sunday, 1 March from 3.30pm for free at The Hackney Picture House in London.



The screening is  apart of the Fairtrade Fortnight.Fairtrade is a commitment to a better deal for producers in developing countries and making sure they get a good price for a good product.

Ticket Info Here

Vintage Woman: Veronica Everett-Boyce Creates Urban 911

A couple of days ago The Real Daytime show exposed me to an amazing Quintessential giving woman Veronica Everett-Boyce. Veronica has taken on the torch in the running fight to help low-income children have access and knowledge to a healthy eating living. With diabetes ad obesity running ramping in low-income communities veronica created Urban Fitness 911 on her own and has funded most of this program on her own. She is the  President of Henry Paul Everett Enterprises,  and has been creating programs and projects to serve others for over 17 years.  She understands that helping is the call that God has for each of us. People like Veronica aren’t widely known but she deserves the honor and hopefully she will inspire more to stand up and help others.

“We must save others and when that happens, we in turn save ourselves.”   Veronica aka





Watch the tear jerking video when she appeared on the The Real Daytime show


Kelis serves up “Feast” at SXSW


Singer/Chef /Entrepreneur Kelis Made her appearance at SXSW in Austin,Texas as she promised presenting her “Feast” sauces with her food truck! Kelis is a graduate of Le Cordon Blue Culinary School who knew?? ! She actually served up most of the food ,free food might I add, that was served out of her truck  including barbecue style meat and other food to be eaten with her sauces.Super Proud and happy for Kelis succeeded and discover all her gifts. Kelis is a very clever woman for deciding to capitalize off the food market which is highly more stable than music.For all the foodies out there try out her sauces let me know what you think and hashtag #kelisfoodie!  She Also, Performed later at SXSW of her new single from her upcoming 6th album FOOD!



(All Pictures are via

Vintage Photo of The Day: Cheap Chicks x Chocolate covered strawberries


Today cheap chicks posted a affordable way to make chocolate covered strawberries for your lovers and friends that affordable way. Who would have thought you can make strawberries covered in chocolate right out of your freezer.. Well the cheap chicks would! Cheap chicks ,founded by actress Kj Smith and wardrobe stylist Vic styles , types of cheap tricks to do an array of things check out their youtube listed above and Instagram @cheapchicks! I love cheap chicks vintage approved!!

Kingpin to King of the Kitchen:Chef Jeff


Sunday is always my rest and revive day where I like to get my thought together for the week and plan out how I will continue to execute my ideas and projects on my journey. So through my resting I often watch Oprah’s life class or tv one black enterprise shows during the morning because I am often inspired by the stories they usually feature. The Past Sunday in particular I was astonished by Jeff Henderson’s story “Chef Jeff” on black enterprise. Chef Jeff is a critically acclaimed worlds best chef , has written books , and has a tv show yet I had never heard of him! Even more shocking is Chef Jeff’s whirlwind past  and 360 life change.

Chef Jeff Henderson’s incredible journey— from cocaine kingpin to head inmate cook to celebrated chef—has been a powerful inspiration to people who have struggled to find success when the odds are stacked against them.While in federal prison serving nearly ten years for drug trafficking, Chef Jeff gradually realized that his life was not over if he could find mentors, stop blaming others and take full responsibility for his future.When the positive results began to pour in, he knew he had to spread his message of hope and teach his techniques for personal and professional success.

Chef Jeff Story is quite inspirational to many but most importantly he is vital to men out in the world who have no hope or don’t see a future for themselves after prison or troubled past.  It is for sure not easy for men and especially men of color but Jeff’s story is sheer potent proof that you too can become everything you want to be because you hold the power! Men take the chance, leap out on faith and do whats right for you not any other man.

Oprah Life Class with Chef Jeff

Chef Jeff Tv Show



His latest book check it out!

Follow him on Twitter @chefjefflive


New Web Series: Company of Friends with Vanessa Bell Calloway

So if you don’t know already I absolutely love finding new web series or tv series online that may not be widely known yet! I stumbled upon a cool intimate conversational web series! I think this Web series has a unique concept and it also helps us understand a different side to actors and actresses in a real way!

Actress Vanessa Bell Calloway invites viewers into her home to join her and her celebrity friends Vivica Fox, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Vanessa Williams, Salli Richardson, Loretta Devine and more for a delicious dinner and provocative conversation.  Check out the First Episode below and View other episodes on Youtube!

Vegas Treasures

I’m fresh back from another travel voyage. On this vacation I took my talents to Las Vegas for Pre Halloween Week. This was my second trip to the “Sin City” and It was even better than the first time! On this second go around to Las Vegas I found a few treasure places  and shows I thought I would let you in on!

First off I stayed at the amazing Wynn Hotel! This place is the epitome of luxurious and stunning! My Room was on the 56th floor with a panamoreic view and at the least it was dream like. The Bathroom had a glass shower and massage tub, I wished I could have stayed forever hehe. Not to mention the Wynn offered great variety of buffets,cafe and restaurants. Below are a few of the wonderful treasures I came across!



Circe Du Solei:The Mystere @Treasure Island Hotel


Joes seafood Prime Steak & Stone crab @forum shops



Max Brenner chocolate shop @ Forum Shops


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