Creative Projects To Fund: Afro-Iran -The Unknown Minority Photo Book


Mahdi Eshaei is a 25 year old  German-Iranian photographer and designer based in Germany. Eshaei studied design at the Faculty of Design at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt.Mahdi has stumbled upon a fascinating group of african descendent people in Iran that were unknown to him and many others until he went to southern Iran to a soccer match. The experience of seeing a black or African featured man that spoke Persian and was a born Iranian sparked the search and the creative project to document these rare beautiful group of people of his culture! Mahdi has a an idea and book that will live on for centuries but he needs everyone help to raise about 12 thousand  dollars By June 13th! 


Afro-Iran shows a side of Iran, which is widely unknown even to Iranians: a minority of people who influenced the culture of a whole region by continuing their African heritage with their clothing style, their music, their dance and their oral traditions and rituals. I set out to the Hormozgan Province in the Persian Gulf to shed some light on this part of Iran, which is home to the descendants of enslaved people and traders from Africa.

  ‘Afro-Iran’ reveals details documenting a centuries-long history of a community, which is often overlooked in Iran’s history, but which has even shaped the culture in Southern Iran.

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Event Recap:CREATIVE SOCIETY OF CT’s Majestic Mixer



Creative Society of Connecticut took a giant leap forward three weeks ago and opened their  exclusive creative arts secret event series up public! In fall 2014, CSCT hosted their 1st event that resulted in a great outcome of new connections and new inspiration. For their first public event  that  took place on Saturday, April 25th, 2015 at the beautiful  305 Knowlton Studios in Bridgeport, CT ,themed as the Majestic Mixer! The mixer consisted of  live art demonstrations by William Corprew (@80Gramz) and Olivia Nyguen (@Fiyabomb) , poetry by Kimolee  Eryn (@kimoleeryn)& Tea Montgomery (@Teamontgomery), Author Talk from Johnnie Bird (@johnniebirdIII), and an enlightening financial talk by Sigmund Morriar. 

Creative Society of Connecticut is a networking organization, of collective artistic practices, that hosts uniquely-themed events.CSCT helps to connect creative & local businesses by fostering new collaborative relationships. It is a meeting place of influencers in the art, music, film, fashion, and media industries.CSCT’s vision is to create a social gathering available for creative minds to engage in conversation, collaborate and network while sharing knowledge and resources of information.

Check out the performances in a video below and pictures from this cultural experience that is growing in the artsy city of Bridgeport,CT


DSC_1609 DSC_1618

80gramz Art Work


CSCT Founders and Artist

(Nicole Carson, Thyda Korn ,80 Gramz, FiyaB0mb, Ninja Nay,Akiya Mcknight)



(FiyaBomb’s Art Work)


(All Photos by @djxink & @lcuevas)

CSCT is planning their next event  installment for August 2015 but will be collaborating with other creatives and organizations to bring you a variety of mini events in June and July so stay tuned!If you would like to be added to CSCT mailing list email them at the email listed below.

Instagram : @CreativeSocietyCT

Creative Projects To Fund:House of June is serving us “Fried Ice Cream” with their feature film!


The brilliant imaginative  women over at House of June, an independent art film house based in ATL, have launched their first feature film fundraising campaign via Indie GoGo. Headed by Amber Bournett (“the lens”), Ebony Blanding (“the pen”) and Tempest Roque (“the producer”) this campaign will run through May 30, 2015 with a goal of raising $58,000. HOJ plans to serve us up a flavorful film of young mavericks, encapsulated within a tale of Atlanta summertime’s vibrant adventures and Catch-22s called “Fried Ice Cream”!


“FRIED ICECREAM”‘s  concept visual Do The Summer Thing is here below

FRIED ICECREAM follows AKEEBAH & SLOAN, two mix-matched peas in a pod living and finding self in the summer solstice of inner-city Atlanta. Faced with ultimatums by their parental figures and Sallie Mae to work summer jobs to afford their last semester in college, they arbitrarily become ice- cream truck drivers in West End Atlanta. Quirky adventures ensue when their entrepreneurial spirits become hallucinogenic.

This project is for all the women and men who feel like their characters aren’t being represented accurately on-screen and by supporting this film the range of image and perception of brown people complexities will be forever redefined! Drop these trail blazing women in Film/Art a few coins below!

Twitter: @thehouseofjune





Interviews I Love:Full Ava Duvernay TFF 2015 Interview curated by Q-Tip

Qtip AVa

(Picture Courtesy of TFF)

Musician and Actor Q-Tip sat down to speak with the most iconic female director and writers that our generations has ever seen, Miss Ava Duvernay, at the prominent SVA theater for the Tribeca Film Fest last Wednesday. Ava and Q-tip met merely minutes before the interview started but it appeared as if the two were connected or friends because the flow of the interview was so seamless. Ava and Q-tip reminisced on when Ava first connected with her passion of film, her love for hip hop and how she plans to be a director directing with her cane into her older years in life!

Here are my favorite quotes from Ava that resonated with me and that I believe will resonate with many people out there..

“Don’t ask for permission”

“It’s not possible for anyone to stop me from making films it’s not in the realm of possibilities”

“Just get started”

Brotherly Love Review: Not your predictable love story



On Monday night April 20th I walked in AMC Magic Johnson Theater located in Harlem to a very intimate red carpet and the beginning of a love story. Flavor Unit Entertainment, Jacavi Films and Electric Republic logos were all stamped on an step and repeat backdrop to bring the Brotherly Lovefilm to life.Cast members such as Cory Hardrict, Eric Hill Jr., Marc John Jeffries, Jay “Lil JJ” Lewis and Julito McCullum began to arrive in a very smooth manner with not many security guards. For many of the actors such as Julito, Marc John Jeffries and Eric Hill Jr this was home and they all appeared to be very comfortable.

(photo by Johnny Nunez)

(L-R Cory Hardrict, Julito McCullum, Eric Hill Jr, LiL JJ and Chris Jarrell)

As I sat down in my seat initially I had an idea of the film due to reporting the trailer on my blog a few weeks ago. Comparisons such as the modern-day Romeo & Juliet and Boyz N The Hood were mentioned in the media and in a way I could comprehend that perception but that view swiftly changed as soon as the movie began with a major cinematic first scene!

June Taylor , played by Cory Hardrict,the eldest brother and head of the family  has a heart of gold but is very ruthless due to the decisions he made and street life has chosen to be in. Hardrict  revealed that like June he had to quit his hoop dreams in high school after his mother feel ill and he vowed to his mother he would follow his acting dreams. Ultimately when Cory’s mom passed he left Chicago at 18 years old with barely any money and never looked back.

Sergio Taylor, played by a fresh new actor from the Bronx Eric hill Jr., is an all american star high school basketball.Eric phenomoally brought this character to life because we the audience could feel and see Serg’s confliction between his dreams and his loyalty to his street accredited brother.Eric mentioned in an interview I conducted on the red carpet that director and writer Jamal hill was amazing to work with and gave the actors so much creative freedom and was attentive to everyone on set. Also, Hill Jr. revealed that will smith called and spoke to every actor personally on the phone giving the infamous Will wisdom!

KeKe Palmer Played Jackie Taylor , twin of Sergio Taylor, a very focused young girl  cheerleader who had aspirations to sing! Jackie narrates majority of the film . Jackie love interest is Chris played by Quincy Brown. Quincy who is a very green actor truly took the role and embodied himself fully because his acting skills were quite a pleasant surprise! Comedian, Lil JJ, also switched gears and played a more serious role quite well!

Themes of Brotherly Love include family,love,dreams,struggles of the urban community but most importantly CHOICES! The family element in brotherly love was so genuine it gave the story an even greater impact visually and content wise. Julito mentioned at the screening how everyone in the cast knew each other for years so often times it was hard for him to turn into their enemy on-screen but his acting skills definitely carried him through.

Brotherly Love was 10 year process  that Jamil Hill endured from conception to on-screen! The film was shot in 21 days all in writer/director Jamal Hill’s creative backdrop of Philadephia!The budget was not enormous  yet the quality of the film is still impeccable! This film will give many people a perspective into the lives of many families from urban communities who are often frowned upon or considered people of less fortune or even bad people. No one person is born bad but some people make bad decisions especially when their back is against the wall.Brotherly Love exist everywhere no matter how much the presence has been tainted by poverty,addiction and greed!As with all love stories we know things never go as planned so hit the theaters Friday April 24th,2015 to see how this love story ends!

IMG_9333(Cory Hardrict & I)


Twitter: @brotherlylove15

Insta: @brotherlylovethemovie

Short Movie Mondays: “For The Record”


The Dating and love world is very different for millennials than most past generations.Love letters,chivalry,respect and commitment seemed to have faded away leaving a generation of lost unconnected and unloved souls. Film and Tv have held a major part in the depictions of love and relationships as well but Chicago Filmmaker Maurice Dortch wants to take it back to the essence of connection and love with his new short  film “For The Record”.

For the Record  was wrote NK Gutiérrez as well as Dortch and stars  the chicago native Corey DeMon, Natasha Forouzannia, and David A. Leonard.

“For the Record” helped me remember what it was like sitting next to the radio, pressing record when your favorite song came on so you could create mix tapes for that special girl and let her know how you feel. And that’s why I started this film off with my dedication to my girl”

“A demure record store clerk wants to overcome his apprehensive behavior win over the heart of his favorite customer or risk losing out on a chance at love”.


Instagram: @MLDfilmmaker


Recap: An evening with The Phenomenal Women Panel

WEMP (37 of 64)


(The Phenomenal Panel & Coordinators)

For those who are unaware March is deemed as Women’s History Month or as I like to say The Future of Women Month. This Women’s History month I was especially excited to kick off with a special event coordinated by Martine Senecal of MaRouge Publicity and Synques Jefferson of Murder She Wrote © who  joined together to create an afternoon to bring together women from all walks of life, a day to hear the stories of how they’ve overcome and still overcoming the struggles faced each day within the societies they call home. The Phenomenal Women Panel was  held Sunday March 1, 2015 3:00PM to 6:00PM at the Bridgeport BHive 285 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport, CT.

The Panel of five extraordinary women ranging from Naturopathic doctor,Licensed clinician , motivational speaker/health activist and more warmed the room with their love,endurance and courage. These women spoke to faces who are lost, some who are struggling to keep going and those who have been broken by life but all desire to do greater things. The phenomenal Panel event is amongst the very few positive in the Bridgeport,CT area and I saw how the gathering of all these women and young girls gave that special spark into the eyes of every attendee including myself.

Phenomenal Women Panel Event also included some pretty awesome women owned businesses such as  Emily Cortes:  Good Spirits (Homemade Natural Skin Care),  Jennifer Ceuvas:  SHE Inspires (T-shirts and bows), Rahisha Bivens (Infinity Scarves/Artwork), Melanie Hickson:  The Brownie Factory (Organic Gluten Free Dessert), Mary Stewart:  Blue Wing Couture (Accessory Line), Janelle Gordon:  JFearon (Jewelry), Alicia Cobb:  Art Simplicated (Artwork), Shasha Cadet: Shakeology (Fitness). Not to mention a literal Tear Jerking performance by singer ,Kaeli Roselle , who sang a cover of Jazmine Sullivan’s emotional ballad Masterpiece.

I wish  every sunday could consist of gathered  women talking,sharing stories, discussing dreams.  Positive connections and experiences amongst women are vital for us to succeed especially in the Minority communities. I see beauty in this event and it my request that the phenomenal women panel will become an annual staple in Connecticut .I will keep all updated if the universe will allow it!

WEMP (24 of 64) WEMP (13 of 64) WEMP (26 of 64)

(Beautiful Women Attendees)


WEMP (6 of 64) WEMP (60 of 64)


Events Coordinators Synques (Murder She Wrote Brand) & Martine Senecal (Marouge PR)

WEMP (1 of 64)


(Emily Cortes of Good Spirits)


WEMP (30 of 64)

WEMP (52 of 64)


(Myself & Synques)



WEMP (12 of 64)

(Shasha Cadet of Shakeology)

(All Photos Courtesy of Ninja Nay ©)

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Numa Perrier’s Most Intimate Conversation “The Long Interview” with Kwesi Abbensetts


If you don’t know who the brilliant & care free artist ,Numa Perrier ,which you would have had to be living under a unartistic rock , is let me introduce you! Numa is an Haitian-American Actress & Artist who creates written,visual art,photography and large installations pieces. Numa is th co-founder (Dennis Dortch ,Janine Daniels )of the trail blazing Online Network Black & Sexy TV , who have created and produced “The Couple” (in HBO development), Roomie Lover Friends, Hello Cupid, Yellow, Becoming Nia and latest Sexless. Numa has starred in Feature Film “In the Morning” and has upcoming leading  roles in Octavia: Elegy for a Vampire, and According to Diana.

Numa has given interviews to select networks and Journalist but she is usually very minimal and all about business but in this interview with well-known artist and photographer ,Kwesi Abbensetts ,she immensely opened up and excavated some authentic answers about herself and her artistry. Watch the interview below to take a glimpse into the beautiful and imaginative mind of Numa Perrier.




Check out Kwesi Abbensetts Work Here

Cecile Emeke premieres docu series “Flaner”


This is a strolling episode, part of the short documentary film series where I go on a stroll with people and talk about various issues affecting people. In this episode Cecil took a stroll with Gaëlle and Christelle (@ygstr & @crystallmess) near Paris. Gaelle and Christelle are two black french young women living in france who are intelligent,diligent and who have powerful voices/opinions. These two women take us on a journey of what it is like to be a black french woman in a society where there are basically invisible in the mainstream as well as amongst their own.


Vintage Chick Cecile Emeke is a visual artist from the UK who is serving up some unknown original content about  The black experience in UK and France. Cecile has already created a short film (AKee & Saltfish) (Strolling & Flaner) film series and has more projects under her belt to be announced this year.

Instagram: @cecileemeke
Twitter: @cecileemeke

Trailer Tuesday : “Through A Lens Darkly” spark black image in America evaluation

In the wake of the media coverage of the Ferguson verdict to not indict Mike Browns Killer , Officer Darren Wilson I found a film doc to be appropriate maybe at one of the core issues . “Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People,” a film that examines how photography shaped the identity and perceptions of blacks in America by Director Thomas Allen Harris . Flipping through the nation’s family album, and the images or lack there of positive and factual images of African-Americans seemed to be missing.


Without any doubt I agree with Harris as  he stated he believe photos help shape popular culture and perceptions of time, events and people. Perhaps the constant negative image of the black people especially men being painted constantly on tv and media has contributed to  what seems to lead to non-black races to dehumanize us. The image of the black men and women of this country is often depicted as one dimensional but that is in no way accurate. We are layered and colorful in our lives just like any other race and possibly even more.


“If we’re not looking at African-American photographers, then we’re also not looking and seeing the evolution of African-American families and how they’ve evolved over the course of the last 170 years,” Harris said. “Photography started 20 years before slavery ended, so you have this huge free community that was photographing itself or getting itself photographed. But also photography was used at that time by both abolitionists to combat this institution of slavery and by the planters to affirm a certain stereotype of the African-Americans that would legitimize their servitude.”

The film was also  apart of a series within the st.louis film festival this past weekend , “Race in America: The Black Experience.” “Through the Lens Darkly” also has created a spin-off project, “Digital Diaspora Family Reunion Roadshow.” Harris said he created the project after he was approached several times by people who said they wanted to do something creative with their family photos.’

People are invited to share family photos via social media using the hashtag #1World1Family and #DDFRtv.

For information on where and how you can view a screening of this rare gem  and poignant film Click Here



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