Creative Projects To Fund: Inspiring Actor’s road to Acting School “16 Minutes of Fame” Short Doc!


Alphonso  Walker Jr. had the acting bug since a child but wasn’t convinced of his passion until his sophomore year in college when a good friend of his revived a drama club and Alphonso got a leading part as Troy Maxson  in the famous play “FENCES” by August Wilson! Alphonso’s journey to becoming an actor has not been one without rejection and struggles. Alphonso was denied to every acting school he applied to last year 2014 but this year he told us he received an email from TTSC about auditions  followed by an email from a college advisor saying he should attend TTSC’s audition.

I felt it was more than a coincidence. So with 3 days notice, I booked a flight and scheduled an audition.

Alphonso was getting the opportunity  of a lifetime to audition for the Tom Todoroff Studio & Conservatory and at first joked about how it would be funny to record his journey to the audition and his reactions after the auditions. Before Alphonso left Buffalo he picked up a handy cam and brought the cam along as a witness to his soon to be testimony and this is where the “16 minutes of Fame” doc was born!

16 Minutes of Fame relates to people having their “15 Minutes of Fame” and disappearing, but I intend to be around much longer after the smoke clears.”

Alphonso has  a webseries entitled THE QUARTER LIFE CRISIS on Youtube: Click here and will appearing in his first feature-length film entitled “The Glass Floor” debuting Summer 2015. Alphonso is inspired by actors such as Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie ,Jamie Foxx, Tarahji P. Henson and Will Smith! The only way Alphonso can get to the  level of working with the actors listed above is for him to attend acting school and yes he has been accepted to Tom Todoroff Studio & Conservatory in NYC for a two-year program but it is not free and  unfortunately  financial aid is unavailable ! Alphonso’s would like our help to assist with making his dream come true by donating to his acting school tuition. Support a young man who isn’t afraid to lead his life by passion and purpose!

Donate Here


SNAPCHAT – awalkerjr


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