New Book “LARGE FEARS” offers diversity and vibrancy in the children’s book world!

Large Fears

Large Fears, is a story about Jeremiah Nebula, a queer black boy who loves pink things and desperately wants to travel to Mars. Author Myles E Johnson & Illustrator Kendrick Daye have chosen to go the independent route with book publishing for Large Fears and raised over three thousand dollars via Kickstarter instead of waiting for a publishing house to do so. Also,along with the book “LARGE FEARS,” Myles and Kendrick carefully created a workshop for children that speaks on conquering large fears, accepting differences in others, and chasing your large dreams with hopes of every child to be able to experience this workshop.

Large Fears is a game changing book, a book to bring about conversation and a necessary piece of literature !The future of our society  depend on  the children of today and Large Fears will give these children more understanding which in turn will grow into the  adults of tomorrow who will lead a more loving peaceful world.I had the opportunity to speak with the Author Myles E.Johnson more in-depth about the story,journey and future plans of Large Fears Below!


SV:Where did the title derive from and what does it mean to both of you?

MEJ:The title came from a musical project that Kendrick was working on.  I loved it because it sounded childish and simple, but still paramount and universal.  It sounded like something that could strike a chord with the public because everyone has large fears and big dreams. For me, “LARGE FEARS” is a reminder. It is a reminder to not be a slave to what frightens you, but use it as an anchor to explore yourself with and to ultimately tap into your greatest expression of yourself.

SV:How long was the process from initial conception to final copy of the book?

MEJ:wrote the book, and two others starring Jeremiah Nebula, about a year and a half ago. But Kendrick and myself took time to really design and build a world that represents who we are as artists, the community that we hold closely, and something that people could really connect and interact with. We didn’t want to rush Jeremiah Nebula or the LARGE FEARS world, we wanted it to be perfect. And honestly, Kendrick and myself are constantly editing things as far as the design and literature goes. I don’t think there will be a ‘final’ version until we print out the book and send out the first copy to a customer.

SV:Do you fear any resistance from parents or the public in general ?

MEJ:, I don’t fear resistance. Resistance actually affirms that the work this book, character, and idea are doing is necessary and is striking a chord with culture. I think if I presented this project and everyone thought it was wonderful and agreed on its politics, I would second guess the book and idea, and how necessary it was. I wanted to create something that was radical and bold.

SV:What age do you both feel its appropriate for parents to start discussing gender or sexuality issues with a child?

MEJ:think there’s always an appropriate way to discuss gender and sexuality with a child of any age. As the child matures, so can the language, but the discussion of love and individuality should be an ongoing discourse between parents and the child that starts young. It can be as simple as “sometimes men love women, and women love women, and men love men, and some people love both, and it is all okay.” Discussing gender and dismissing stereotypes can be done at a young age too. “Anyone can love pink and anyone can love blue, and some people feel more comfy in dresses and some people feel more comfy in suits, and it is all okay as long as you are comfortable.” You’d be surprised what a child can understand if you give the child a chance to truly love and learn.

SV:How has Large Fears affected each of your lives?

MEJ:LARGE FEARS” is kind of this megaphone that I was able to use to call upon everyone in the black queer diaspora. It has been a vehicle for me to experience the capacity of love and support that lives in my community, which is something I didn’t expect. Like Jeremiah, I have always suffered from the fear of being disliked or misunderstood, so for me and my creation to be embraced as it has is humbling and motivates me to think and create bigger and bolder worlds, concepts, and characters along with collaborating with more minds that align with my creative ethos.

SV:Do you see a possible movie or cartoon series installments in the future for this book

MEJ: I would absolutely adore that. I would love to live in a world where children look up to a child that is adventurous and brave and doesn’t fit societal-imposed binaries. I have so many ideas for television shows and films concerning Jeremiah Nebula, his friends, and the adventures he can go on and that would be an absolute dream come true to breathe even more life into this world that me and Kendrick have made.

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