Trailer Tuesdays: Urban Teen Drama “MysEducation”


I stumbled upon a riveting new pilot tv series currently in development called Myseducation! In life there are many lessons we learn in school but the most valuable lessons we learn are often on you step off the school grounds and into the arena of life.Education is key but does not always have to come from once source or platform.Common sense and awareness of your environment are major necessities for teen to survive especially in an urban setting. MysEducation  is a coming of age story that explores the plight of african american teen girls through the lens of  two main characters, Tomi and Kayla, raised in the inner city phenomenon.The urban american experience in the educational system is often neglected or not understood and because of the lack of resolutions many issues of these students are carried over into adulthood! MysEducation can very well be a source and a  step to solving certain urban education issues by acknowledging and viewing these anecdotes visually. The show is written by Yakira Chambers, directed by Jarrett Conaway and executive produced by Jason Calabro and Yakira Chambers.


Tomi (Courtney Howe)  attends Loyola College Preparatory High School. A very bright, articulate, over-achieving young lady who is often reprimanded for her ‘round the way’ appearance and behavior. while struggling to achieve in an alien environment. Tomi is the kind of gal who lives and breathes by a moral compass, until she’s backed into a corner. What will she sacrifice? Kayla (Ashalyn Garner) is a freshman at Harper Technical High School. An inherent need to protect, she always finds herself in the middle of something she had nothing to do with. Bright, a little rough around the edges, street savvy and book smart. Kayla struggles with her everyday surroundings and her academic pursuit. Finds solace in her only ally that understands her struggle and vision for her life. Her loyalty is uncompromised, and this will undoubtedly create challenges.


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