Movie Review: Stripping Aint Easy In “Chocolate City”!!


“Chocolate city its going to be sexy,sizzling fun and you are going to be very proud to see our brothers represent and it has a great storyline “says Vivica as she did an interview on the red carpet Tuesday Night in Times Square for the Chocolate City movie premiere.Chocolate City,follows the story of  Michael (Robert Ri’chard), a college student, is struggling to help his mother (Vivica A. Fox) make ends meet. When his part- time job doesn’t pay the bills, he begins to find success at the nightclub dancing as “Sexy Chocolate.” As the money starts rolling in, Michael must deal with the unexpected pressure of being the new favorite flavor while hiding his “job” from his religious mother and girlfriend carmen (Imani Hakim).

Chocolate City written & directed by Jean -Claude Lamarre also co-stars  the always sensual Michael Jai White club owner of Chocolate City and mentor figure. This film also has a HELL of a lot of comic relief  from Deray Davis who plays Michael’s not so sensible older brother. Legendary Choreographer and Soul food actor Darren Dewitt Henson adds his amazing dancing skills to chocolate city’s stage and admits he was intimidated by the role because choreography and exotic dancing are two different realms but excitedly took on the role anyway! A major plus of the film was having veteran exotic dancer BOLO casted in the film he definitely brought the authenticity  and had all the women in quite a trance!

Major themes of  Chocolate City include jealousy, religious moral conflict,family & financial hardships and consequences as Michael slips deep into addictive exotic dancing world.

 “I think that everyone in America can relate to lengths that we will go to take care of our family and I’m just playing an ordinary guy with an extraordinary  experience “-Robert Richard

The Quality of the film was surprisingly great for an independent film,costumes were right on trend  for the exotic male dancing industry  and music was fitting with a surprise appearance by Mr. Pony  himself r &b artist ,Ginuwine!

Chocolate City will have a limited theatrical release in the U.S. on Friday, May 22, 2015, followed by its arrival on home entertainment platforms, including Digital, On Demand and DVD. After the screening Vivica ,Robert, Darren and Bolo hinted that there might be a sequel in store but they can only make that happen with you all going out to support the film because there is defiantly power in numbers!


(Bolo,Darren Dewitt-Henson,Vivica Fox, Robert Ri’chard)

unnamed (8)

(Robert Ri’chard is not little Arnez anymore ha!)

unnamed (11)

(Darren Dewitt-Henson,Vivica Fox, Angela Yee)


(Robert Ri’chard and a few Chocolate City Boys )

3 stars ( Storyline/Content)

2.5 stars (Acting)

Running time: 1:31

MPAA Rating: R for sexual content throughout, partial nudity, language and brief violence.

Instagram & Twitter: @chocolatecitymovie



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