Creative Projects To Fund:House of June is serving us “Fried Ice Cream” with their feature film!


The brilliant imaginative  women over at House of June, an independent art film house based in ATL, have launched their first feature film fundraising campaign via Indie GoGo. Headed by Amber Bournett (“the lens”), Ebony Blanding (“the pen”) and Tempest Roque (“the producer”) this campaign will run through May 30, 2015 with a goal of raising $58,000. HOJ plans to serve us up a flavorful film of young mavericks, encapsulated within a tale of Atlanta summertime’s vibrant adventures and Catch-22s called “Fried Ice Cream”!


“FRIED ICECREAM”‘s  concept visual Do The Summer Thing is here below

FRIED ICECREAM follows AKEEBAH & SLOAN, two mix-matched peas in a pod living and finding self in the summer solstice of inner-city Atlanta. Faced with ultimatums by their parental figures and Sallie Mae to work summer jobs to afford their last semester in college, they arbitrarily become ice- cream truck drivers in West End Atlanta. Quirky adventures ensue when their entrepreneurial spirits become hallucinogenic.

This project is for all the women and men who feel like their characters aren’t being represented accurately on-screen and by supporting this film the range of image and perception of brown people complexities will be forever redefined! Drop these trail blazing women in Film/Art a few coins below!

Twitter: @thehouseofjune






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