Creative Projects To Fund : The Last Black Man in San Francisco


San Francisco,California  has a history of Music such as Jazz, Art,Authors and many different mediums of creativity. Beginning around the 1920’s -1940’s a vast amount of African- Americans migrated to the west coast post world war I and II.Many of these african americans came from the deep south and mid west great plain states. San Francisco was pegged the Harlem of the west coast during the migration of these african americans because of the creative careers and artsy energy they brought to the area. African-Americans highly populated  neighborhoods such as the Fillmore District, Western Addition, and the Bayview District. These areas were once between 40% -95% black in 1970 but sadly there are only less than 8% African- Americans still reside in san francisco.The rapid and vast decline of this community in San Francisco is quite appalling and many want to know why?


Jimmie Fails,born and bred, San Francisco African-American male can tell us a few reason why in his new film The Last black Man in San Francisco. Fails through his life story can give people a perspective about feeling alienated and left out in his rapidly changing hometown with the help of  fails child hood friend and documentarian,Joe Talbot.

The duo have already shot a concept trailer with no resources just skills and a few people who were willing to lend their talents to them.The Last Black Man in San Francisco must raise 50k by June 3rd in order to be made into a feature- length film but this can only happen with the help of all of you out there! The film has already been deemed groundbreaking and is highly supported by San Francisco International Film Fest and San Francisco Black film Fest!

But this isn’t just a story for black people or for people who lost their homes..It’s a universal story for anybody that feels like an outsider in their hometown.-Jimmie Fails


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