Webseries Wednesdays: Coming Home Series ..A Tale of a woman who’s dating an Incarcerated man


If you are child who had incarcerated males in your family then you may have had experiences of the  long rides to state prisons far from the city, talks through a glass, or hugs over a steel table and the excitement  women in your family had when she got to see her love (boyfriend,husband,finance,child father) chained and shackled like a slave. The things you might not have seen was that woman’s side of  the story once she decided to leave or go experience new things in life. Considering there over a million african american men incarcerated this story line is well overdue .For the people who don’t understand or lack the empathy  now have a chance to get a glimpse until the life of the women who stand by these incarcerated men.The Coming Home web series  created by Brittany Coleman  journeys with Mahogany played by Brittney Coleman and how she tries to remain faithful and all the many other struggles she is faced with while her Boyfriend serves time in prison .Coming Home is also a mirror for women to evaluate their own lives of why and how they are coping with this experience of dating a man in prison.Brittney and writer Duane Sequira are working on season 2. The Full first season 6 episodes  are available now!

Episode 1


The Creator of Coming Home ,Brittney Coleman, started acting with her sister in a library as a past time. She studied Theater from middles school through college and graduated  honors from Lehman College a Bachelors of Arts in Theater.

Watch All Episodes Here






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