Short Movie Mondays: “For The Record”


The Dating and love world is very different for millennials than most past generations.Love letters,chivalry,respect and commitment seemed to have faded away leaving a generation of lost unconnected and unloved souls. Film and Tv have held a major part in the depictions of love and relationships as well but Chicago Filmmaker Maurice Dortch wants to take it back to the essence of connection and love with his new short  film “For The Record”.

For the Record  was wrote NK Gutiérrez as well as Dortch and stars  the chicago native Corey DeMon, Natasha Forouzannia, and David A. Leonard.

“For the Record” helped me remember what it was like sitting next to the radio, pressing record when your favorite song came on so you could create mix tapes for that special girl and let her know how you feel. And that’s why I started this film off with my dedication to my girl”

“A demure record store clerk wants to overcome his apprehensive behavior win over the heart of his favorite customer or risk losing out on a chance at love”.


Instagram: @MLDfilmmaker



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