Web series Wednesdays: London based series “Housemates”


Web series Wednesdays maybe my most favorite segment I have on shesvintage.com  because this segment allows me to research,discover and learn from web content all over the world that I might not have ever acquired the chance in the physical daily meetings with people.This week I discovered a very comedic, milennial-ish, british  all black women british cast called Housemates. Housemates  meaning roommates is a  cross between the american hit 90’s and 2000’s shows Girlfriends and Living Single. As we dive into the world of Mya, Chenayi, Jade, Michelle and Zara issues can arise in a house full of women high strung off estrogen and uncertainties that quarter life crisis brings. The series is produced written and directed  by Monique Needham. The first episode premiered  March 18th 2015  on BWNG TV via their YouTube channel and the second episode premiers tonight.Watch episode 1 below


CAtab6pVAAAaWs4.png-largeBWNG TV started as a blog where four friends deconstruct, discuss and deliberate thoughts and topics formally kept in the confines of a London Living Room. From the blog and creative ideas comes the web series in which four guys come to terms with quarter-life crisis in the form of dating, relationships, work and self-improvement. The channel has now expanded to BWNG TV, a platform for independent creatives to to produce creative and unique narratives. 

Twitter @itsmissneeks


 Twitter: @thebwng


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