OITNB starlett , Dascha Polanco, is on the rise with new roles in “The Cobbler” & “Joy”


ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK character “Daya” has  grown on us in the last two seasons on Netflix and will also be starring in season 3 slated for June 2015 but the actress Dascha Polanco is metamorphosing onto bigger platforms with feature films.Polanco aspired to be an actress from an early age but “always doubted auditioning because of her weight”. The once healthcare administrator decided to finally not let her weight issue destroy her dream  and she was casted  on a hit Netflix show , now works with notable and seasoned actors such as Adam Sandler,Method man and more all in less than 5 years.

“I’ve learned a lot of things. I’m still learning — it’s a process. I still like enjoy the moment. That’s very important. These opportunities and roles that I come across, I want to take the time and treasure the moments where I’m working. You have to really allow that to settle in. So I try to take in the present and focus on the future later on. Prepare for it, but not focus on it over the present.”


In her next film,The Cobbler, Polanco plays Macy, the estranged girlfriend of a career criminal (played by rapper/actor Method Man) who has become involved in a magical misadventure involving a cobbler (Adam Sandler).The Cobbler will be out this Friday March 13th in theaters nation wide! Dascha told Rolling Stone  “Growing up, I was a fan of him and I followed his music and I had a crush on him!”She also expressed how it was a great experience working with Method Man , how he was professional & very creative.

A frustrated shoemaker (Adam Sandler) finds a magical sewing machine that allows him to take on the appearance of any person whose shoes he’s wearing.


Dascha has yet another big role coming in the movie ,JOY, starring opposite of Jennifer Lawrence.Joy written by David O. Russell is the rags-to-riches story of Miracle Mop inventor Joy Mangano, and also stars Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper and Edgar Ramirez, Deadline.com reported.Dashca will play the role of Jackie in the project, Joy’s brave and loyal best friend who helps her start the mop company.


Twitter: @DashPolanco

Instagram: @SheisDash


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