Docu Series :Diary of a Reel Girl


Dominga Martin is  writer ,director ,producer as well as a Journalist by trade, from Boston who has resided in Brooklyn for Many Years. Dominga has worked on projects such as  Documentaries, 2 short films (BUM & Yellow) and music videos (Musiq Soul Child).She also recently worked on a commercial with Centric TV that should be airing this month.She founded her own boutique style film company “House of Ming”. She is heavily inspired by music and fashion hence the “House of”.Dominga is currently in development of her first feature film ” My First Loves”. Dominga’s  passion for writing and film is inspirational and vital to increase minority women film writers and directors.


In her latest  docu-series ,Diary of a REEL Girl ,which follows  Dominga on and off set as she works on global projects. Dominga was given an amazing opportunity to travel to Italy where she spent the summer making movies.  Below are episodes 1-3.

Volume 2 will follow Dominga behind the scenes as she makes her first feature film “My First Loves,” a romantic comedy.  Follow Her and Support her first feature film!

House Of Ming





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