Recap: An evening with The Phenomenal Women Panel

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(The Phenomenal Panel & Coordinators)

For those who are unaware March is deemed as Women’s History Month or as I like to say The Future of Women Month. This Women’s History month I was especially excited to kick off with a special event coordinated by Martine Senecal of MaRouge Publicity and Synques Jefferson of Murder She Wrote © who  joined together to create an afternoon to bring together women from all walks of life, a day to hear the stories of how they’ve overcome and still overcoming the struggles faced each day within the societies they call home. The Phenomenal Women Panel was  held Sunday March 1, 2015 3:00PM to 6:00PM at the Bridgeport BHive 285 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport, CT.

The Panel of five extraordinary women ranging from Naturopathic doctor,Licensed clinician , motivational speaker/health activist and more warmed the room with their love,endurance and courage. These women spoke to faces who are lost, some who are struggling to keep going and those who have been broken by life but all desire to do greater things. The phenomenal Panel event is amongst the very few positive in the Bridgeport,CT area and I saw how the gathering of all these women and young girls gave that special spark into the eyes of every attendee including myself.

Phenomenal Women Panel Event also included some pretty awesome women owned businesses such as  Emily Cortes:  Good Spirits (Homemade Natural Skin Care),  Jennifer Ceuvas:  SHE Inspires (T-shirts and bows), Rahisha Bivens (Infinity Scarves/Artwork), Melanie Hickson:  The Brownie Factory (Organic Gluten Free Dessert), Mary Stewart:  Blue Wing Couture (Accessory Line), Janelle Gordon:  JFearon (Jewelry), Alicia Cobb:  Art Simplicated (Artwork), Shasha Cadet: Shakeology (Fitness). Not to mention a literal Tear Jerking performance by singer ,Kaeli Roselle , who sang a cover of Jazmine Sullivan’s emotional ballad Masterpiece.

I wish  every sunday could consist of gathered  women talking,sharing stories, discussing dreams.  Positive connections and experiences amongst women are vital for us to succeed especially in the Minority communities. I see beauty in this event and it my request that the phenomenal women panel will become an annual staple in Connecticut .I will keep all updated if the universe will allow it!

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Events Coordinators Synques (Murder She Wrote Brand) & Martine Senecal (Marouge PR)

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(Emily Cortes of Good Spirits)


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(Myself & Synques)



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(Shasha Cadet of Shakeology)

(All Photos Courtesy of Ninja Nay ©)

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