Screening of Ethiopian Coffee Trade Doc”Black Gold” At Hackney Picture House London


Every Morning A vast amount of people drink that special warm,black coffee from starbucks,Dunkin Donuts or local cafe to get your morning boost to take on the day. On Average that cup of coffee ranges between 2-3 dollars . Sadly and surprisingly to some most coffee bean farmers get only a measly 3 cents to the 2-3$ per cup !

Black Gold, Directed by Marc and NicK Francis, a 2006 film following the efforts of the general manager of the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union to get a better price globally for the coffee produced by the Ethiopian farmers he represents. This eye-opening film won awards at the British Independent Film Awards and San Francisco Black Film Festival . Black Gold will be shown on Sunday, 1 March from 3.30pm for free at The Hackney Picture House in London.



The screening is  apart of the Fairtrade Fortnight.Fairtrade is a commitment to a better deal for producers in developing countries and making sure they get a good price for a good product.

Ticket Info Here


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