Numa Perrier’s Most Intimate Conversation “The Long Interview” with Kwesi Abbensetts


If you don’t know who the brilliant & care free artist ,Numa Perrier ,which you would have had to be living under a unartistic rock , is let me introduce you! Numa is an Haitian-American Actress & Artist who creates written,visual art,photography and large installations pieces. Numa is th co-founder (Dennis Dortch ,Janine Daniels )of the trail blazing Online Network Black & Sexy TV , who have created and produced “The Couple” (in HBO development), Roomie Lover Friends, Hello Cupid, Yellow, Becoming Nia and latest Sexless. Numa has starred in Feature Film “In the Morning” and has upcoming leading  roles in Octavia: Elegy for a Vampire, and According to Diana.

Numa has given interviews to select networks and Journalist but she is usually very minimal and all about business but in this interview with well-known artist and photographer ,Kwesi Abbensetts ,she immensely opened up and excavated some authentic answers about herself and her artistry. Watch the interview below to take a glimpse into the beautiful and imaginative mind of Numa Perrier.




Check out Kwesi Abbensetts Work Here


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