Trailer Tuesday: Legendary Filmmaker Kathleen Collins Theatrical release “Loosing Ground”


African-American Women Filmmakers have often been left out of history or not properly recognized over the past couple decades and the talented visionary Kathleen Collins is one of them. Losing Ground is one of the first feature films written and directed by a black woman, and a groundbreaking romance exploring women’s sexuality, modern marriage, and the life of artists and scholars.  The Film is finally going to be released theatrically at Lincoln Center Film Society “Black Independent Film In NY” series this week.Kathleen Collins was a playwright,filmmaker and professor whose immense talent was cut short when she passed away in 1988 at age 46 from cancer.Collins also released “The Cruz Brothers and Miss.Malloy” as her second film.

losing ground

. Sara (Seret Scott) is a philosophy professor and her husband Victor (Bill Gunn) is a painter, and with their personal and professional lives at a crossroads, they leave the city for the country, experiencing a reawakening, both together and separately.This film is honest, funny, and wise beyond its years.

Tell It Like it is : Black Independents Film Series


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