Short Movie Monday: Black Heirlooms

As I reported a few months ago I attended screening an independent short film at NYU called “Black Heirlooms” and It changed my whole thinking on black family wealth and even motivated myself to help pursue better family wealth goals for my own. It is strongly advised that all families of color view this film to evaluate your family wealth goals or even gain information on what family wealth is . Black Heirlooms has been on a very succesful tour through the country since October and now the film is finally available online to view in full.

Black Heirlooms is a documentary about wealth in America from an intergenerational perspective. When the 86 year old matriarch, Mee-Mah Royal was hospitalized after a stroke, her 8 children became irreconcilably divided over her care and small estate .The Film tells the story through the lens of her  children and grandchildren.

Instagram @Blackheirlooms

Twitter: @Blackheirlooms


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