Short Movie Monday: I Miss My Dad

I always ponder who is hurt the most by a broken family is it the mother who is left to take on a responsibility made for two,  the father who leaves but carries guilt forever or is it the child who did nothing wrong? There is always three sides to a story but the only story who truly plays out in front of the camera is the child because the child is affected by it all tremendously whether  positive or  negative.  43% of american children live without fathers and they all are just searching how to become 100% whole mind-body and soul without their father. In a short monologue film based on a poem written by Patricia Balusa, about the broken relationships between fathers and daughters UK director Dayo Adeneye gives you some insight on how some of the fatherless daughters feel and deal with the atrocities of not living with a father or not consistently being in their life.

Writer – Patricia Balusa

Director/Cinematographer/Editor – Dayo Adeneye (MR DAYO)

Actresses (In order of appearance):

Victoria Swedi
Patricia Balusa
Tramaine Reindorf


Twitter: @mrdayomd
Instagram: @mrdayomd


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