Cecile Emeke premieres docu series “Flaner”


This is a strolling episode, part of the short documentary film series where I go on a stroll with people and talk about various issues affecting people. In this episode Cecil took a stroll with Gaëlle and Christelle (@ygstr & @crystallmess) near Paris. Gaelle and Christelle are two black french young women living in france who are intelligent,diligent and who have powerful voices/opinions. These two women take us on a journey of what it is like to be a black french woman in a society where there are basically invisible in the mainstream as well as amongst their own.


Vintage Chick Cecile Emeke is a visual artist from the UK who is serving up some unknown original content about  The black experience in UK and France. Cecile has already created a short film (AKee & Saltfish) (Strolling & Flaner) film series and has more projects under her belt to be announced this year.

Website: http://cecileemeke.com
FB: http://facebook.com/cecileemeke
Instagram: @cecileemeke
Twitter: @cecileemeke


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