Trailer Tuesday : Michael J Larnell’s “Cronies” Film


Chick Flicks or Movies that explore the friendships between women have been popular throughout film and tv history but lately there has been a rise of the GuyHood or Bromancefilms. Women always wonder and often try to understand the friendships that men have with each other.  Michael Larnell, a writer/director/producer , currently enrolled in the NYU MFA program has chosen to explore the untold stories about men and their buddies ,friends or what he likes to call “Cronies”.Larnell was inspired by movies such as “Stand by Me” ,”La Haine” and of course “She’s Gotta Have it. ” Cronies was shot solely in Larnell’s hometown of St.Louis where he grew up in a blue-collar family ,which probably prepared him for all the trials that lay ahead while filming this film.  Larnell’s feature film “Cronies” is executive produced by Spike Lee and will premiere at Sundance .  Follow The Journey Of “Cronies” Here

Louis (Georg Sample III) and Jack ( Zurich Buckner)were best childhood friends, but their present-day relationship is challenged by Louis’ new friendships and family priorities, which collide with Jack’s loud and aggressive behavior.The growing rift between them becomes unavoidable when Jack unexpectedly meets Louis’ new friend, Andrew (Brian Kowalski), and Jack realizes that their plans don’t include him. Refusing to accept his exclusion, Jack forces himself into Louis and Andrew’s lives for the day, derailing their plans and needling their friendship.Louis is surprised by Jack’s blatant jealousy of Andrew and his frustration boils over when Jack tells Andrew a dark secret about their childhood.


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