2014 : Year of Test &Trials




2014 was a year that required great challenges of myself. I challenged myself to start new projects some executed some still in progress. The universe through many trials at me and tested my dedication, will power and patience. I relinquished myself into every challenged I faced this year even if i was unsure of what the outcome may have been. Forcing myself to go into environments of people and industries I had never been apart help me look at my life with fresh eyes of hope. Developing a new level of patience because I had no other choice and learning that in this life most things I can not control yet my reaction to life I can. I lost a special family member this year and many material things I was holding onto but the greatest gift was that i gained was the courage to grow through the pain. With all that I have experienced this year I feel like  2015 maybe my greatest year to share my creativity with you all because now I have stories to tell!


Wishing you all a Peaceful, Blessed and Aware New Year!





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