Filmmaker Jordan Crafton presents the “Black & White” Series


About two weeks ago A friend of mine told me to turn to PBS sister network WLIW and watch a show by the name of Long Island Screening Room where they feature indie and up and coming filmmakers from the tri state area . Th Long island screening room was featuring a young black male filmmaker by the name of Jordan Crafton and his film “Showtime”. I had never heard of Crafton, is a 26 year old filmmaker based out of Northern New Jersey but  a native of Long Island, NY and credits much of his creative passion to his upbringing in Baldwin.

“Long Island is like the underdog of NY,” Crafton says as he begins to describe the background of his work ethic. Filmmaking was not always his dream however, he first aspired to be a jazz musician and studied the alto saxophone for 13 years. Later in his life, he soon realized that music alone was not a strong enough agent to tell the stories that he always dreamed of. Partnering with a childhood friend, Tyrell Spencer, they began working on their first film My Block: Strong Island in 2007. “

After watching that night on the show I truly became intrigued and interested in his work, life and his overall view of the world.Crafton  spent spent three years as the videographer and editor for celebrity hairstylist, Terrence Davidson, who has styled the likes of Nicki Minaj, Patti LaBelle, Jennifer Hudson, . Crafton also worked for teen nick.But I was most excited to find that through my ravaging thru his website and youtube I discovered his amazing “Black & White ” Series that he had started about 5 years ago.

“Black & White” is a documentary confessional series that addresses several issues that we all deal with. The name “Black & White” signifies that there is no grey area in these confessional situations and short films. Director and Editor Jordan Crafton takes reality and traditional film making to a new level with PART I “DearGod”. After the passing of JDCF Partner Tyrell Spencer on November 24, 2009 it was important for Crafton to express his feelings the only way he knew how. “Black & White” represents freedom and storytelling with no barriers.
#DearYesterday was premiered two days ago and is the latest and 4th installment of the Black & White Series. Jordan is unfearfully bringing visually  to us what ordinary people , creators and artist internalize everyday. Jordan is a rising filmmaker and one of the transparent people i have come across in a long time support him by viewing his work and following him along his journey.






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