Vintage Photo of The day : A Trip to Bountiful Boston with Jurnee Bell




The Talented Actress Jurnee Smottlett -Bell was surprised by her supportive husband Joshua Bell at her opening night ” A Trip to Bountiful ” in Boston Friday night at the Culter Majestic Theater Boston,MA . The Couple took some impromptu photos that look timeless in black and white fitting for the era of Jurnee’ stage role. Jurnee has typically been seen in films and tv series such as Eve’s Bayou, Rollbounce, The Great Debaters, Temptation : Confessions of a Marriage Counselor and True Blood but has taken a new challenge on in theater. The Trip To Bountiful has already had a great run in LA and now they have come to the east coast to bring the experience to Boston.



If you don’t know A Tripe to Bountiful tells the story of Carrie Watts ( Ciscely Tyson) who lives in a small apartment in Houston with her timid son Ludie and domineering daughter in law Jessie Mae. Carrie feels the walls closing in around her and yearns to escape the claustrophobia of urbanity for the wide open spaces of the rural town in which she grew up, named Bountiful. Against the express wishes of both Ludie and Jessie Mae, Cassie sets off on a cross-country pilgrimage that introduces her to a cast of alternately heartbroken and bedraggled characters, including the young Thelma, whose husband has just left for military service. Life-affirming and deeply moving, The Trip to Bountiful explores the deep-seated urge we all feel for that place called home.

Vanessa Williams (Eraser, Desperate Housewives) Blair Underwood, Devon Abner, Wade Dooley, Arthur French, Pat Bowie, Russell Edge, Dalila Ali Rajah, Keiana Richa’rd, Duane Shepard, Sr. and Desean Kevin Terry  directed by Michael Wilson also star in the play.

The Two hours and 20 minutes  show will being playing through  6 December 2014  in Boston click here for more details and Tickets A Trip To Bountiful



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