J.Cole 2014 Forest Hill Drive Album Short film evaluates Fame and Life

J.Cole has been one of my favorite MC’s since the Friday Night Mixtape . Cole has always had a certain mystery , intelligence and a rarity about his persona which is shown through his music and other endeavors.   It was of no surprise a few days ago when Cole came out of hibernating to deliver us a album title, date , no singles but yet a compelling album trailer which is mirrors a short film if you ask me.

Most Album Trailer videos often are filled with vain  Photos, Snippets from the album  and other info that tells you a little bit about the album but this trailer was very unique from the first second. This Seven Minute short film took a walk into Cole’s life and mind. Through this video the struggle of fame and stardom , family, and himself. J.Cole is one of the very few artist that  displays his life online or on tv in  minuscule way  some may even say hes way to private in the last two years.  The 2014 Forest Hill Drive Video conveys what Cole has been going through with him having to say very little vocally.  My favorite line in the video was when He utters ”  A lot of people have been in Hollywood so long they forgot about their small time lives” and then he goes on to speak on keeping his sanity , his family and friends more close because he doesn’t want to be captured by the artificial life of hollywood and fame.


Cole made me hear one of my biggest fears of becoming successful .Chasing a  dream  you live for , achieving it but still manage to lose the most important people in your life is a fear that i can’t allow.  Family and friends are entities in life that I live for and even if they cant always understand my dream I will keep them close or in contact as much as possible because that what keeps you grounded in life. It’s evident that Cole at one point had been grinding so hard that he lost touch with the most important people and maybe even himself  but now with this album he is finding his way back to where it all started from him and that’s home 2014 Forest drive. Check out the video below and support a true rare artist on December 9th . For more info Click Here


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