Different & The Same ( Wale x Seinfield cover Complex Mag)

In a world that is so bright and vast people continue to have a small outlook and or mentality in life. While the entertainment world,fans and speculators have been calling the new found public friendship between Legend in the making lyricist Wale and Iconic Comedian actor/comedian Jerry Seinfield. The problem I see here isn’t their friendship its people’s lack of comprehension on why they are friends.  Most people aren’t looking past the factors of race, age, or background which are indeed different yet is what pulls more curiosity about each other. If  you  can dig deeper past the top layers you will see these are just two artist who are trying to navigate the same demons,evils and issues of the world and the entertainment in different ways.


At A Ted Talk recently it was said ” When you connect with people around a shared interest  and action ,serendipitous things happen in the future.” So when Wale and Jerry met  after Jerry heard the mixtape mixtape more about nothing  Seinfeld arranged to meet Wale backstage at a 2008 gig in Baltimore. following their kick off meeting the two artist discussed working together on The Album About Nothing, which led to the comedian appearing onThe Gifted’s “Outro About Nothing”.

Fast Forward to this year  Jerry is the muse for  The Album About Nothing due out in Dec. More than just a muse for Wale’s latest album I see Jerry as the calming energy and  perspective from a veteran artist that Wale needs. Jerry also gets some swagg upgrade from Wale in this friendship haha. Check out their December/Jan Complex Cover below at  a trendy cool place The Remedy Diner in NYC.






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