Web Series Wednesdays: Karlie Hustle shows you how to quit your job

Finding a job in the arguably most tough industry , Entertainment  ,can  be daunting ,  and  may require lots of free work so in their insane mind who would give up a once in a lifetime Job of being Musical director at the biggest hip hop station , H0t 97, in the world?  Let me introduce you to the peculiar , risk taking and intelligent music professional woman Karlie Hustle .Karlie had 13 years of music industry , but recently felt like she hit her ceiling at in her position at Hot 97 and Quit her job. Karlie has created a web series called “How to Quit Your Job” to show all of us the steps of how to successfully quit your job and figure out what to do next without being dead broke or unsatisfied. Although some may view Karlie as unappreciative , crazy and carless I say she is ADMIRABLE for having the courage and taking her right to do what makes her happy no matter the norm!

Karlie Recently launched her entrepreneur career after quitting her job with a bow tie collaboration with GOOD WOOD NYC. Karlie calls the tie The HUSTLE bow tie. Karlie acquired the hustle from being known as one of the hardest workers behind the scenes at hot 97 and ultimately she made all things on the front end happen.



“These past few years have given me the confidence and the enhanced platform to start my own business. I will redirect my time and attention fully to my #HustleBowTie endeavor and the overall K. Hustle brand,” she divulged. “I will also be taking time to explore a host of new possibilities that I’ve been afforded as the result of the 13 years, six cities and six radio stations it’s taken for me to arrive at this juncture. I’m excited to step out on my own two once again and see what I’m truly made of. I’ll never forget the team at Hot 97 for being so warm and embracing this girl from the West so fully. Thank you all!”




If you love the web series and Karlie’s story here  is youtr chance to see her in person and get hear some HUSTLE TALK live ! Get Tickets Here

@thekarliehustle Instagram & twitter


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