Throwback TV : First Black Villianess Judy Pace

IMG_9945   IMG_9944

As an ode to throwback thursday I decided to put a spin on it to  honor Throwback TV including shows, actors and moments. Although being a Black woman in Hollywood is still very challenging and daunting effort  we have still made big strides and one of the most important but less recognized women who has helped the movement such as Judy Pace, Judy  played on Peyton Place as Vickie Fletcher as  the first black villainess on TV in  1968 .APace is a LA born actress who had quite a few leading and small roles .She made her film debut as one of the main characters in William Castle’s 13 Frightened Girls (1963) , Batman, Bewitched, The Flying Nun, I Spy, The Mod Squad, That’s My Mama, Kung Fu, Sanford and Son, Good Times and What’s Happening. For one season, she starred in the drama  Before there was a scandal or a Olivia pope Pace played on The Young Lawyers show on abc .Pace also had a key supporting role as Gale Sayers’s wife in the critically acclaimed 1971 ABC-TV movie Brian’s Song.

Judy was married to African-American actor Don Mitchell,who  co-starred for 7 years on the hit NBC-TV series Ironside. Judy and Don had daughter Julia Pace Mitchell  who currently has a role in the daytime soap opera The Young and the Restless and also played in the hip hop biography of Biggie smalls “NOTORIOUS”. She later married baseball legend Curt Flood on a dating game and were together until Flood’s death in 1997.




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