Nate Parker express All lives matter in his new short film “AmeriCAN”



In the past few years in America there has been a rapidly growing issue of Police brutality and Murder committed against black young men which has become quite alarming. In the wake of Trayvon martin (Sanford,Fl)and now mike brown  (Ferguson,MI) many celebrities , actors ,activist have spoken out to help make this issue of our young black males being killed is relevant because our lives do matter. Although speaking out and protesting are appropriate ways to get this country to see how affected we are by these uncalled for deaths we all know that most people do not listen. As people we are prone to learn more by doing or seeing so seemly it was quite suitable for Actor/director Nate Parker  to direct and  James Lopez producer to shoot a film that would convey this vital  issue on both end of the spectrums so that people could see and feel the effect it has on us all.All Blood Flows and All lives matter is the primary message.


Art always has a way of allowing us to see ,feel and understand major issues in life in a way words could never get across and this is true through this short film. Check out the video below as well as cameos from Lala Anthony, Affion Crocket ,Omar Benson Miller, Brian White

“The only thing worse than the ever-growing epidemic of murdered black youth in America, is the lack of empathy expressed by many of our country’s citizens. In developing this project, our goal was to create a piece of media that would offer a relatable perspective to all who watched it. It is my hope this film promotes sustainable discourse and serves as a conduit for empathy, healing and change. – Director Nate Parker/@NateParker




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