Web Series Wednesday : Color diversity in Witch Series “MisSpelled”



My obsession of combing the web for  most rare and creative web series has just elevated with  this treasure I have discovered  titled MisSpelled ! With today being only two days away from Halloween this new-found Witchery Mysterious yet comedic new series is seemly and appropriate. I come from the age of Charmed, The Craft  Hocus Pocus and Halloween Town so of course I’m elated to finally see a witch fantasy series with faces of color.

MisSpelled, written by Lindsey McDowell, is a Journey  of a magic colliding with a group of diverse clueless witches in the 21st century! Characters Emma (VyVy Nyguen) ,Quinn (Chelsea Jones), Stella (Christina Perez),Nina (Gabrielle Banus), Gladys (Lindsey McDowell) combine Asian, Bi-Racial, Spanish and African-American races to create one force of witchery to be reckoned with. Between the Comedy and spells viewers will be in a trance from beginning to end.


Lindsey and the crew shoot a few episodes shared them with us via youtube but now they want to keep the series alive so they are doing a crowd ”funding campaign to raise 30k in the next 10 days. The talented women of Misspelled need our help meaning you, me and everyone else to reach the 30k goal!

Click Here to contribute and view campaign






Instagram @_misspelled

Twitter @_misspelled


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