WatchTrailer: Damn Write Originals Presents The Poetic Feature “Muse”



Atlanta’s Film scene has continuously grown over the last couple years including new studios , production location and indy films.Damn Write Originals independent filmmaker and screenwriter Nakia Stephens  hails from Atlanta and is ready for the world to view her first Indy film Muse. Muse is also directed by Devon D.Dunn an upcoming director based.Muse is a romance film Starring Actress Alexa Rachelle (as main character Harlym) and Actor George Avery (as main character Peace). This romantic film  centers around love,poetry,art,family and friendship. The Main character Harlym  confronts growing pains, family issues and the return of her college sweetheart , thus she is ultimately faced with her most challenging decision; Choosing her old love or her new love all while embracing her first love, Poetry.



If you are a film lover or just remember the “Black Love Film Renaissance” of the 90’s you can see that Muse has very similarities to the classic “Love Jones” but with a modern twist. This Damn Write Originals feature was filmed this past summer and will be premiered in Atlanta,GA October 27th at 9:15pm hosted at the Plaza Theatre on Ponce De Leon. You can get tickets below.

Muse Tickets

To get a more in-depth perspective of Muse I caught up with Screen Writer Nakia Stephens Check out the interview below

SV:What inspired you to write this script?

Nakia (Dawn Write Originals): I was inspired to write this script during my senior year in college when I was going through a period where I finally stopped aiming to please other people and decided to go for what I wanted. I was mainly inspired through poetry (I write poetry). Muse was actually a poem I wrote that turned into an idea for a screenplay. I spent my last semester in Ghana, Africa where I finished my final college courses. While there, I met many other Black Americans (Who were in foreign exchange program with their schools as well) some of which were interested in arts too. Just being around those creative vibes was a great inspiration in itself. I was so inspired while in Africa that I completed my first draft of Muse during my time there.

SV: Is this your Feature Film Screenwriting debut? Is this Devon Directorial debut?if not please list previous work to include

Nakia (Dawn Write Originals): Yes! This is my screenwriting debut and I am so excited. This isn’t the first screenplay that I’ve written but this is the first screenplay that I seriously pushed forward into production. At first, I was so nervous to make a mistake or get something wrong but once I realized that I have my entire life to improve and get better, I got the courage to just do it! I decide to go for it. DeVon went to college with me and we would always work together on class productions, assignments, etc. So when he heard my plans to pursue this into further production he wanted to co-direct this production, so yes it’s his debut as a director as well.

SV:What were some of your favorite moments while on set?

Nakia (Dawn Write Originals): My favorite moments on set were just watching my words come to life! I have an amazing cast and it was so fun to work with them. Even when the days were long, the cast and I always found time to laugh and grow together.

 SV:What do you want people to walk away with after watching “Muse” ?

Nakia (Dawn Write Originals): I want people to walk away feeling encouraged. Encouraged to follow their dreams and encouraged to start over new! People always follow the path society sets in front of them and I want people to know that they can make their own path. People should do what makes them happy career wise and relationship wise.

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