Vintage Chick :Tracee Ellis Ross ( Black ish Trailer)


The Beautiful and Corky Actress Tracy Ellis Ross is back on prime time tv like never before! You know her for her staple role as  “Joan”( Black affluent lawyer) on Girlfriends (2000-2008) and more recently as Dr.Carla “Reed Between the Lines” (2011) but I am certain this new role with  ABC’s BLACK ISH Tv series  will take Tracy to a whole new level in acting. With her new role you will definitely see the hilarious outrageous side of Tracee. Tracee is making it cool for beautiful  women to be comedic and carefree despite the uptight and serious stigma.

Black- ish is a new comedic  series executive produced and starring  by Lawrence Fishburne and Anthony Anderson  set to air Sept 24th 930pm . Make sure you all tune in to Black -ish two weeks from today to support diverse television programming.  FOR MORE INFO



(Pic via



Tracee also was honored this weekend with the Street Style Award  at the Essence  Block Party ! Tracee is very passionate about health, beauty/hair and style/fashion. You can keep up with Tracee’s style on .  Tracee you have been stamped and approved as an ultimate Vintage Chick!





(Pics via Tracee’s instagram)


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