“Selma” Film First Images mirror images in Ferguson





Ava Duvernay’s directed “Selma” due out later this yearand she released a photo via her instagram a few days ago. The Selma film is based on Martin Luther King’s voting rights campaign in 1965.  At the release of of selmas first images , the united states is experiemcing a similair civil rights movement. Another unarmed young black male has been shot and killled at the hands of police this time in Ferguson, Missouri . Above are students at Howard University reinacting with their hands up”dont shoot” which is the position  Mike Brown  was in  before being shot 8 times. History seems to always repeat itself if the intinal issue was never solved only swept under the rug. It is in high hopes that films like “Selma” can shed light and some form of solutions for current issues in America.


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