Exploring Omari Hardwick’s Cheating Roles



The  new 50 cent produced Starz show “Power” is a hit with most viewers  including myself. As far as production, casting, quality of the film in general its pretty awesome and even the storyline is solid. After watching the last episode which I thoroughly enjoyed and may be my most engaged episode yet I scrolled through Facebook to see the reactions from the viewers.  Scrolling through the reactions there were “great episode”, “I “love this show,” I dont want it to end “and then ” I love Omar Hardwick but why does he have to cheat in every role he plays? ”



The last reaction from the viewers on Facebook  caused to me to ponder. Although the statement is 100% percent accurate that all Omari’s roles have been to play a male a married men who committed adultery in his last 4 roles in For Colored Girls,I will follow, Being Mary Jane, Power and even play a man who was having an affair with a married woman in “Things never said”.

The Roles in retrospect says more about the image of black men in relationships and in no way  reflect Omari personally or his  amazing work. characters are almost 80% created by real life experiences or experiences of others so with that being said we have to fix the real life issue that cheating is way too prevalent and broadcasted in our culture.  The fascinating part about the all the cheating roles that Omari has played is that they have been different in social classes, situations and careers which shows that cheating isn’t just one  certain type of sub population within the Urban community . What it does convey is that some where along the way we have lost the sacredness and respect of monogamy and honesty.  If we fix the issue in real life then maybe there will be more  authentic positive images of love and relationships  outweighing the negative imagery leading to less cheating roles being developed.


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