Black Actresses rising in the Super Natural and Horror Genre

This Past Sunday in San Diego a  few of the most talented and stunning African American actresses were at Comic Con. Nicole Baharie (sleepy Hollow), Danai Gurira ( walking dead), Rutina Wesley ( True Blood) and finally the legend Angela Bassett ( American Horror Story) all attended the 20th century Fox cocktail party.


Comic Con seemed to be a success but the most  important realization was that African American  Women actresses are carving  a major lane in the Horror/Supernatural genre.  African Americans come from a lineage  of spiritually or super natural receptive people yet we have just finally started to become integrated in Main stream horror/super natural Tv shows and films.  Thanks to the ladies below African American actors/actresses will no longer be the character that is killed first because we are becoming reoccurring and main characters where rightfully belong.







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