Trailer Tuesday :”Winning” A documentary about African American Fencers


WINNING directed and produced my Luther Clement is an immersive look at competitive fencing. It explores this subject with multiple generations of Peter Westbrook Foundation fencers, from those with Olympic ambitions to their mentors with Olympic histories, black American athletes in a traditionally white European sport. Because the sport is purely amateur, without the money of soccer or basketball, even at its highest level, these athletes compete purely for the love of the sport and of competition…and maybe a college scholarship.


The film accompanies fencers as they train at the gym. We hear the sounds of their work and their conversations with teammates and coach. We follow the fencer to the stadium or gym to compete, and witness disappointments, triumphs and strategic discussions. With the athlete, we experience the emotional letdown following the intensity of a competition, returning home to rest and strengthen resolve for the next practices and tournaments. As retired athletes share their stories and insights, we see archival video as well as a unique “Olympic Dream” sequence that illustrates the beautiful physical and psychological ordeal of competing in the Olympics.

I found this fascinating film on kickstarter a few days ago and I believe this film is shows rare imagery of the many facets of black athletes and sports . There are still 7 days left to raise remainder of 11,000 over 4,000 has been pledged already. Support a film that shows the diversity of Black culture in sports such as fencing. Check out for further updates on the film!


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