Her View: A genius leaves the hood ” The unauthorized story of Jay-Z”

Last Weekend I attended the premiere of A genius leaves the hood : The unauthorized story of Jay-z at the SVA theater in Nyc. The 60 minute documentary produced by Moguldom Media Group ( Bossip, Madame Noire, All Hip Hop Owners) . Although this was a documentary that Jay-z was not directly associated or involved with it provided a very in-depth look into his life, career moves and personal relationships he experienced.

The documentary correlated Jay-z’s street skills to business skills. Jay-z past involvement in the drug industry is widely known .The  music industry and drug game aren’t actually that much different there is a product, packaging, marketing and multiple vendors in both industies.The negative activity in his life may have had a positive enforcement on his business knowledge .

Although , I am a long time Jay-z Fan I did find the evidence  of Jay-z being an” opportunist” or playing his “game of chess ” being quite substantial in regards to the friends he had and left behind. Each friend that he parted ways from did affect his music career tremendously .For example rapper Jaz-o was the guy who actually brought Jay-z around the industry and how to put together a song. As well as Dame Dash who was Jay-z’s partner at Roc-fella and who was a music manager with many of this business connections.

The movie gave pros, cons and neutral opinions of Jay-z and his career moves but one thing that remained is that he was and is genius for being able to rise from his circumstances in all calculated moves.


 To see the full movie click the link below




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