Vintage Chick : Not another Actor’s Child Condola Rashad

Before meeting this talented young lady last weekend at the ABFF ” a intimate conversation with Phylicia and Condola Rashad (which was the first duo convo ever) I didn’t now much about Condola Rashad other than that she was Phylica Rashad’s daughter. The 27 year old young actress actually has quite a track successful record in acting so far might I add that she has truly worked hard for on her own! Condola has been in Steel Magnolias , Romeo & Juliet ( opposite Orlando Bloom) and sex and the city as well tony nominated multiple times over.

What real struck me other than her elegance and poise was when she said at the event “If you don’t really love the work then why do it “. I realizes then that she is a true artist and has a real human passion for acting. She also revealed that she was a bartender and cocktail waitress while in college irregardless to being a acting icon’s daughter.

Look out for Condola playing in a new fantasy and reality combo Fox series called ” Hieroglyph” where she will playing Nefertari set in ancient Egypt .

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