Webseries Wednesday: Life of Hers

Recently I have been become obsessed with Black cinema being made in Europe. As hard as we may feel we have in the US to make great black films and be seen on a large-scale , that problem is even bigger in Europe. The excitement to see what    “Life of Hers”, a drama series written by Samantha Chioma and directed by Olan Collardy and Ola Masha , is all about has been intensely growing.The series tells the story of four women living in London as part of the African diaspora.  It also reflects on the existence and friendships of four millennials in a cosmopolitan city and explores the complexities of life as a young  african woman and some of the unique conflicts that can arise between inherited traditions and assimilated new cultures.

Being of African descent in america and in Europe are similar but quite different as well in many ways. I have always wondered what life is like for Africans in europe and now I will have a clear image of the challenges that they face everyday.

The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K was used to film the series. I’m sure they chose to use this camera because of the awesome rendition of color and skin tones,  ProRes and EF lenses support.

Check out the trailer below and A inside look at the characters straight from the actors mouths. The Season is set to premiere sometime next month.









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