Working Woman Wednesday:Rosci Diaz directorial debut “Welcome Us”




Rocsi Diaz has come along way from the little girl from Honduras who migrated with her family to New Orleans. You may know Rosci for her 6 year TV personality stint on 106 & park and a now an Entertainment Tonight correspondent but she has more skills to unveil in the entertainment industry. Rosci has now added directing to her many talents with her directorial debut ” The Secrets of Strangers” film vignette or some may even call is a PSA that explores the subject of undocumented residents in america is very dear to Rosci be she too is an immigrant! This visual helped me see how such a large number of people are  living in america undocumented with fear and anxiety of being sent back to their home country.



“The Secrets of Strangers” brings together complete strangers who share an intimate secret about their identity. #WelcomeUS

Rocsi Diaz, Director
James Adolphus, Cinematographer
Michael Skolnik, Executive Producer
Joseph La Morte & Gloria La Morte, Producers
Flannery Miller, Co-Producer
Paola Mendoza, Writer
Monica Cohen & Renato Milone, Original Music


(Pictures via Rocsi Diaz Instagram)



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