Former ANTM constestant/actress Yaya Dacosta Alafia will Play Whitney Houston in biopic




Yaya DaCosta ,who most remember from america next top model show cycle  3 will play Whitney Houston in the lifetime biopic  “Whitney Houston” directed by Angel Bassett. Yaya now goes by Yaya Alafia now, since getting married to filmmaker Joshua Bee Alafia in 2012.We saw Yaya ” All My Children,’ ‘Ugly Betty,’ ‘House,’’ and ‘Tron: Legacy.’and on the big screen in Lee Daniels’ “The Butler,”  in Neil Drumming’s indie dramedy “Big Words.

Yaya is 31, so she is perfect age appropriate to play the age range the film requires – Whitney Houston from 26 to 31.This leading role can make or break YaYa in her pursuit to be a full fledge serious and long-standing actresss.Yaya has done well in her supporting roles but I am anxious to see her in a leading role such as the legendary Whitney Houston!


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