A visual story unveiling why we need to fix the love cycle : “Love Escapes Us” short film

As a child I  never understood why adults could not stay together or why people would fall in and out of love.I thought people fall in love , grow and be happy but that is not always the case. The saying “right person wrong time ” came to my head as I watched this short film ” Love escapes us” and the story gave me some clarity on how relationships can be only meant for a season sometimes but in the end it always pushes you toward growth if you see the positive in the experience. “Love escapes us” fed my  fascination of love and human connections in a very beautiful but vivid way. This short film took us back to the essence of film when you could hear no dialogue which forced people to pay attention and dissect the images that were being imprinted in their mind. I think this film is very important to african american culture, for love and for human understanding and this is why I choose to share “Love Escapes Us” with you all.



“Love Escapes Us” is the compelling tale of the cycle of love and heartbreak as told through the experiences of two people who fall in love during the wrong season. King (Anthony B. Phillips) and Queen (Iman N. Milner) journey through an emotional path of one anotherʼs love throughout this poignant story. A film by Craig Tovey.



Here’s what writer and star Imani Milner said  was the inspiration behind the film ” Love Escapes Us

I was coming out of another failed “relationship”. I put quotations around that word because what I was leaving was more like a rest stop on the way to a destination more than a destination itself. I started to think about the ways I’d been hurt and the ways in which I then hurt others and I started to see a through line—we were creating a cycle that was built on the foundation of pain. Everyone I’d encountered to that point had a brokenness in them that I was trying to fill with my own brokenness; but we all know that 0 x 0 never makes a number more than 0. Every man who has been hurt blames the woman solely and vice versa, but I believe that we all play our part in the theater of broken hearts. I started writing this film to shine a light on both sides and because I am a woman, I tapped my friend and fellow actor, Anthony B. Phillips to tell the story with me because I wanted a man’s firsthand perspective. (via livechained.com)

Imani also mentioned that she was inspired by the most pivotal love film of the 90’s or of our time  “Love Jones” ! I can totally feel and see the inspiration.I look forward to seeing more films from Imani and director Craig Tavey !


Writers: Iman N. Milner & Anthony B. Phillips

Director, DP, & Editor: Craig Tovey

Producer: Edwin Walker

Music by Sigur Ros

Iman N. Milner
Anthony B. Phillips
CJ McBath
Joi Liaye
Dwain Perry
Aaron Jennings
CeCe Brazelton


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LoveEscapesUSfilm
Twitter: @bestnewactress (Iman), @MacaroniTonyyy (Anthony), @craigtovey
Email: loveescapesus@gmail.com


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