Web Series Watch :”The Shrink in B6″ Not Your Conventional Therapy Session


Even in Today’s era it still amazing and mind-boggling why therapy it’s still taboo in the minority community.As a child in the minority community you are taught to be tough or go to church when you are going through turbulent times because therapy is often considered to be a “White People” thing. When I faced a challenging time in my high school years and College I often would go see a therapist but in secret because I was afraid of what people might think especially my family. Therapy truly has helped me through my hurdles and I would advise people to experience it once in life especially women and people involved in the creative or arts industries.

A new intriguing web series “ The Shrink in B6″ was presented to me and it is a series that society has been missing and I believe it will help destroy  the therapy taboo in the minority american culture.The Shrink in B6 tackles the taboo in a comedic  feministic but relatable way. The series always explores the friendship between women,educated african american women,and the daily struggle of the quarter life crisis for young americans in today’s economy.


The series, “The Shrink in B6″ follows NADIA WEST (Shayla Love Washington), a psychology grad school dropout and recently fired waitress who is given an ultimatum by her roommate FARRAH(Tabby Molapo) to find a job. After not-so-thought-out consideration, Nadia posts a Craigslist ad for her services to provide affordable and intimate counseling sessions in her apartment. One-on-one, Nadia “counsels” an eclectic group of people with colorful issues, each episode with Nadia at the helm of their session as an unlicensed pseudo-shrink.

Atlanta Residents Ebony Blanding and Amber Bournett are co-director and writer of the web series “The Shrink in B6.”  These two amzing women go under the name of HOUSE OF JUNE and are known as the “Lens & Pen”.

Sharing our message is important because there are voids in entertainment industry that need to be filled. Our message is to defy the BS typecast and stereotypes regarding the professional and personal relationships of women. This is why we are here as House of June. This is why we create.


Check out the First 3 Episodes below

Episode 101

Episode 102

Episode 103


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Amber  Bournett :Twitter @A_luckytiger & Instagram @alnb

Ebony Blanding:  Twitter @ebony_blanding & Instagram @thehouseofjune


2 thoughts on “Web Series Watch :”The Shrink in B6″ Not Your Conventional Therapy Session

  1. Reblogged this on Regaining immortality and commented:
    Blog Love from She’s Vintage! Oh Yea! *does dance* She pointed out something I never even thought about. Just how Taboo therapy is within minority cultures within this day and age. Go to church? Yes! Then get into the chair and speak! Thank you for this insightful review!

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