Motivation Monday:New Bentley Ad Shot with an Iphone 5s!

One of My  golden rules of life is make sure you surround yourself with link minded friends at all times! A few reasons you should surround yourself with link minded people is because the flow of knowledge  will be vital, they will constantly keep you familiarized with the most amazing things in your industry & life and they will pick you up when you need to be .One of my Cool Creative Friends and Business Partner sent me some highly impressive awesome info a few nights ago about Bentley’s Newest Ad Campaign. The new Bentley Ad, Intelligent Details, was filmed entirely with Apple’s mobile devices!!!!! Photographers used the iPhone 5s to shoot video and then put it together using an iPad Air, according to details provided on the making of the ad at the end of the spot (via The Loop).The short video was then assembled using an iPad Air and the iMovie app with an attached custom keyboard case. Much of the editing was done on the go in the back of a Bentley. How Cool is this that you can use an iphone and few lenses to film  an ad for a world  renowned high-end automobile brand!

While Bentley ad shot on the iphone 5s is impressive another high-end fashion brand , Burberry,shot their whole fashion week runway show on an iphone as well back in the Fall ! To all my dreamers remember your money and connections do not determine how successful and creative you can be in your art ! Use what you have now to get to where you want to be these examples above prove it is possible! Happy Monday dreamers & believers sending motivation, determination and perseverance your way…..



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