Women Working Together Wednesday : The Other Woman Movie Review


Wednesdays on Social Media usually conisists of thousands of women crush post honoring the outer beauty or physicality’s of women. I thought is switch it up by honoring women who are working together instead of being pint against one another when it comes in regard to a man.

Last week my best friend and I went to see The Other Woman movie at Atlantic Station in ATL . The other woman which has already made over 62 million dollars in box office , was just supposed to be a normal comedic chick flick for me and my friend to enjoy.The other woman was everything but a normal chick flick.

The Other woman starring Cameron Diaz as a lawyer who ends up unknowingly dating a married man is befriended by her cheating boyfriend a wife! Instead of what most women would have done was attack the ” mistress” , this wife played by Leslie Mann ask Cameron for helped to bring her perpetual cheating husband down. These two women actually find out how much things they share in common and how much of a great friend each one can be to each other. I Found this concept to be very foreign to me because in the minority community I have rarely ever seen this happen yet in the White community it seems to happen a lot in my experience.

After the movie was over my friend and I questioned ourselves if we could see ourselves befriend our boyfriend or husband’s mistress if she did not know that the guy she was dating was involved with someone else. Before watching the other woman I would have said HELL NO yet after watching the movie my mind began to open a little more and say hmmmm maybe I could.

As women it is not always our fault who we fall in love or get involved with but it is our decision on what to continue to deal with. Women need to work together more and men need to to be held more accountable.

So in the end I have The Other Woman a Grade A rating because it opened my mind and it finally showed imagery of women working together instead of against each other. Women you never know of what great friend maybe out there but we won’t allow them because of a man blocking because he use to date her or once had her phone number and had a crush on her. If you are completely done with a man and so is the other female I don’t see why if the friendship develops and is organic you wouldn’t be friend with that female or even develop a business relationship.


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