Watch Trailer :Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Adichie on hold by Nigerian Government



“A novel about human relationships during the war, centered on a young, privileged woman and her professor lover. It was a deeply personal project based on interviews with family members who were generous enough to mine their pain, yet I knew that it would, for many Nigerians of my generation, be as much history as literature.”




Award winning author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, adaptation of her book,’Half Of A Yellow Sun’  has been banned by the Nigerian Video Films and Censors Board. Nigeria as a country has been battling many issues in government,women equality and policies.The censors board  first delayed the release of the film adaptation of “Half of a Yellow Sun” because, according to them, it might incite violence in the country y now they are pressing forward for a Ban on the movie.  The question really is does the Nigerian government believe the movie will incite  social consciouness ?

In an article, ‘Hiding From Our Past,’ Chimamanda described the “the censors’ action as unreasonable and emphasised the need to revisit the past as a prerequisite to moving forward.“Many of Nigeria’s present problems are, arguably, consequences of an ahistorical culture…The past is present, and we are better off acknowledging it and, hopefully, learning from it”

Support this powerful movie Half of a Yellow Sun is due out  May  16,2014 in the US !


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