Flash Back Film: Hard Times Series Filmmaker ,Tahir Jetter’s first short “Close”


Man of the hour ,Up and coming director/writer/producer ,Tahir Jetter released his Highly anticipated web series Hard Times on Tuesday exploring the subject of a character who is down on his luck financially resorts to becoming a male a stripper. The Hard time series has received much success within the first few days but I want to take a look back in Tahir’s Film career which started just a few years ago. The First project that Tahir created ,produced and directed was an amazing short called CLOSE in 2010. Tahir made his first visit to Sundance Film Festival 2011 with this  premiere short. Please check out the short below as it is still amazing 4 years later as it was in 2010!


One night after a brief ‘visit,’ Angela prepares to leave Derek’s apartment, but he’s determined to not let her go so easily. A drama about a common moment in a relationship, ‘Close’ explores the intense frustration that comes when the person you desire does not see things your way.

PS:After you watch the short let me know  I want to hear what  you think of the it!

Follow Tahir Jetter for updates on his projects via Twitter @TahirTweets



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