Travel Thursdays:Fly with the best..Top 15 airlines in the US

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Choosing an airline to fly use to be a random decision based on price when I was a amateur flyer. As an Adult I have to be precise on choosing an airline after experiencing many different pros and cons of an array of airlines. Flying can be a very life changing wonderful  experience but  comfortability,great customer service, Safety and reliability are pertinent! Another important factor with choosing an airline is your destination and how frequent airlines fly to this location.


My personal favorite airline to fly to the Caribbean and Cali is JetBlue , to Atl Delta and I am dying to fly Virgin because of all the great reviews! Below are the statistically  top rated airlines to fly with . Let me know what some are your experiences were with  airlines you have flown! Happy Flying

1. Virgin America
2. JetBlue
3. Hawaiian
4. Delta
5. Alaska
6. Endeavor Air
7. US Airways
8. Southwest
9. American
10. AirTran
11. Frontier
12. United
13. ExpressJet
14. SkyWest
15. American Eagle


One thought on “Travel Thursdays:Fly with the best..Top 15 airlines in the US

  1. Southwest, JetBlue & Virgin are our top 3 domestic airlines! We haven’t experienced too many delays with them and their customer service is quite ok compared to others on that list.

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